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Dinafem Video: White Siberian, Queen of Outdoor Growing

  • For generations White Siberian cannabis seeds have demonstrated their quality and the stability of their genetics.
  • A cross of two of the solidest strains on the market,  White Widow and AK-47, yield a plant that is easy to grow, with surprising effects and very reliable results.
  • Below we present a new video with in-depth information on the positive traits of White Siberian, an excellent choice for cultivation in gardens or on terraces.

Dinafem Seeds' White Siberian is a feminized strain that is mostly Indica (75% versus 25% Sativa), the fruit of fusing White Widow and Ak-47. The result is a hybrid boasting a bountiful harvest, and combining powerful psychoactive effects with excellent properties favouring relaxation.

The history of this Dinafem strain goes back to a combination of two of the most important genetic lines of the 1990s. Firstly, the Indica branch of the White family, selected by growers based on Dutch seeds; and, secondly, a well-known Indica from a clone, also Dutch, of the famous Ak-47. Although the latter features some Sativa hybridisation, it brings to our White Siberian a distinctively sweet aroma, and quick flowering.>

As you can see in the pictures, this seed develops a plant of medium/large stature, with a symmetrical and sturdy structure, and considerable separations between its nodes. During its growth the seed takes on a Christmas-tree shape, produces intermediate-sized leaves, and is tinged with a wide range of green tones.

Along its main stem and secondary branches it sprouts a large number of buds covered with resin, which extends to the leaves nearest the flower, constituting one of the most notable features of this strain, of outstanding quality.



White Siberian is a seed that is easy to grow, captivating both experienced and first-time cannabis growers. Fans of Indica varieties will particularly appreciate this plant, which is well-balanced at all levels. It is also a very good plant to work with clones, thanks to its excellent rooting and vegetative power.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing

Despite proceeding from the cannabis elite, this strain thrives both indoors and out, although it is clear that its performance improves markedly outside, where it really flourishes in open spaces, especially in dry, warm and sunny climates. In greenhouses its results are similar. It is also very tough and, with proper care from its grower, can go the whole season without suffering from any kind of pests. When grown as an indoor crop the plant also does very well.

Flowering and harvest

The Sativa heritage of one of its parents, Ak-47, gives White Siberian a short flowering time, so you will only have to wait a little more than two months to reap your harvest. Your plant will be ready in 50 to 65 days, after flowering, if you decide to grow indoors. During this period it can develop up to 550 grams of cannabis per square meter.

Meanwhile, a good outdoor crop can have jaw-dropping results. Ideally, the plant is harvested around early to mid-October. This rapid development means that it can be harvested outdoors without problems, even in the cooler and wetter areas of the Peninsula. If everything goes right you can take home up to 1,200 grams of cannabis per plant. Not surprisingly, White Siberian is considered one of the queens of outdoor cultivation.

A trick or two

One issue to consider is the height the plant reaches. Inside it does not grow taller than one meter if no fertilisers or other types of compounds are used. Therefore, it is compatible with the SOG or SCROG growing methods. In this way your plantation will take on a homogeneous appearance, and your plants will develop horizontally, forming a large green canopy. This option will mean that your crop is better controlled, making it easier for you to meet its needs.

Outdoors, on the other hand, plants can grow up to 2.5 meters high, so it is a good idea to employ some kind of pruning technique if you find them getting too tall. However, take care not to overdo it. If you plant the seeds at a considerable distance from each other, with plenty of room for them to grow, the end result will be more than satisfactory, with yields well above average in terms of both quantity and quality.

Aroma and flavour

Many of White Siberian's organoleptic qualities are due to its noble ancestry. In particular, the sweetness characterising the Ak-47 line is retained in our strain. Thus, the plant emits a strong aroma, with earthy notes that are a delicious delight for the nose. Its taste is just as wonderful; with sweet and citrus touches, it is one tasty strain. Theses sensations are heightened by light hints of exotic wood and a spice aftertaste, along with some slightly bitter nuances.


White Siberian is a multifunction strain that will please both lovers of cannabis's psychoactive effects and those turning to grass for its therapeutic benefits. The plant has a high percentage of THC, ranging from 20% to 22%. This means that it packs a punch, for which you will need to be prepared. It is also known for its relaxing properties, making it a good choice to ease muscle pain and depression. With lasting effects, it improves the appetite and facilitates sleep, making it perfect for the hours before bedtime.


  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing
  • Sex: feminized
  • Genotype: Sativa 25% / Indica 75%
  • Genetics: White Widow x AK 47
  • Indoor flowering: 50-65 days
  • Outdoor harvest: early / mid-October
  • Indoor yield: 550 g / m2
  • Outdoor yield: 1,200 g / plant
  • Height outdoors: 2.5 m., approx.
  • THC: High (22 %)
  • CBD: Low

White Siberian

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