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Dinafem Video: Bubba Kush, Queen of the Indicas

  • If we say that this is one of the most popular and legendary strains in the US, there must be a reason why. Few can resist the allure of this 90% Indica whose production and scent will not let you down, and certainly not its effect.
  • It is so good that the most seasoned growers vouch for it and do not hesitate to recommend it to novices in this green universe.

Growers are quick to praise it. "Excellent. Flavourful, potent, very easy and fast," say some. "Very resilient. A small plant with big results," report others in our website's Comments section. The reason is simple: Bubba Kush has no equals amongst Indicas. Its origins are influential: the simple fact that it proceeds from the elite Pre'98 Bubba Kush clone sets it up for the success it has achieved over the years. Hence, there is high demand for the genetic amongst growers in North America, where it is not easy to carve out a place amongst the very best.

Without knowing it, Bubba created an incredible plant, tasty and with a powerful effect

To trace this legend back to its roots, we have to go back to the 90's and travel to the United States. In US states like Florida and California there were young and inexperienced but motivated growers, eager to create new and surprising seeds, and even revolutionise the cannabis market. Spurred only by their intuition, they tested different genetics without even knowing what strains they were using.

Against this backdrop, and the result of many coincidences, Bubba Kush emerged. The man who has historically boasted of being the real creator of this strain is a grower living in the city of Denver (Colorado), who everyone knows as Bubba. He says that it all started at the University of Florida. There, along with friends, he began experimenting with cannabis cultivation, trying to cross strains whose origins he did not know. In fact, they were not even aware of the existence of a strain called Kush; they simply used this name because some seeds that a friend brought one day resembled a type of berry by that name.

Thus, in their first experiments they christened one strain "Bubba" and another "Kush." The first featured a robust, squat bush shape, while the second grew to a considerable height. The space available to them for growing was quite cramped, so the team of inexperienced growers decided they should opt for only one variety. They chose Bubba. However, without them knowing when or how, because the two strains grew together, the Kush had pollinated the Bubba, thereby producing Bubba Kush by accident.



Veteran growers encourage newcomers to choose this strain because it is so easy to grow. With short flowering periods, and without too much effort necessary, Bubba Kush yields great results. In addition, it adapts perfectly to reduced spaces thanks to its small size and its peculiar structure: that of a stout and stocky bush. This rugged and compact shape, with a short distance between nodes and broad, overlapping leaves of a beautiful bright green, reveals its Afghani/Pakistani heritage, from the Hindu Kush mountains. It grows taking on a dense and bushy shrub appearance, which makes it very resistant to water shortages and drought.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing

It is an ideal choice for indoor growing. From the very outset its creators preferred it because they could fit more plants in a smaller space. If you can grow it indoors you will enjoy very good results: up to 500 grams per square meter cultivated.

Outdoors Bubba Kush also thrives, yielding between 600 and 800 grams per plant, provided that it is properly cared for. If you go with this method don´t forget that it is advisable to harvest the strain in October, and that it needs temperate or dry climates, although it also does just fine under greenhouse conditions too.

Flowering and harvest

You are bound to be seduced by the flowering of this variety, with the purple/violet tones of its leaves when the plant is exposed to cold night-time temperatures. Also striking is the abundance of resin it produces, which pervades both the buds and leaves. And it is ready in just 60-65 days after it starts to flower. In the following video you'll be able to appreciate ​​its beauty:

Aroma and flavour

If something has been captivating the noses and palates of smokers around the world for several decades, it is Bubba Kush's taste and aroma. Both are rich and intense. Immediately after trying it one experiences its notes of coffee, earth, citrus, fuel and spices, a cascade of sensations that won over major music stars back in the day, from a strain that has been passed from generation to generation without ever stepping out of the spotlight, always ranked as a Top 10 Indica.


Of course, its effect is impressive too. At first surprising, delivering an initial punch of elation, its Indica then comes through and gives one an intense feeling of physical and mental relaxation. Always worth underscoring are its powerful relaxing and sedative effects, which have made Bubba Kush a go-to strain in the therapeutic field. This is a quality that, in fact, it inherited from the clone from which it emerged: the Pre'98 Bubba Kush is highly recommended to treat insomnia, muscle pain and depression.


  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing
  • Sex: feminized
  • Genotype: 90% Indica / 10% Sativa
  • Cross: Pre'98 Bubba Kush
  • Indoor flowering period: 60-65 days
  • Outdoor harvest: mid-October
  • Indoor yield: 500 g/m2
  • Outdoor yield: 600-800 g / plant
  • Size outdoors: Up to 2.5 m
  • THC: High (18%)
  • CBD: Low (0.22%)
  • Ratio of THC/CBD: 81:1

Bubba Kush

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