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Dinafem Seeds online store –– gives you the possibility to buy premium-quality feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds. Our catalogue includes a wide range of marijuana strains with excellent genetics from different parts of the world: feminised and autoflowering seeds and Indica and Sativa. All of them have received worldwide recognition and some, such as Cheese Autoflowering, Blue Widow, Critical +, Moby DickOriginal Amnesia and White Widow, have even been awarded. More information

Autoflowering Dinafem seeds

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Feminized Dinafem seeds

These are highlighted products, to see them all: Feminized Dinafem seeds

One of our main goals is to ensure that when you buy our marijuana seeds, you obtain quality cannabis seeds that meet the expectations of the most demanding cannabis growers. In short, a unique product with excellent properties and 100% guaranteed with which to make the most of this wonder of nature.

The feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds by the bank Dinafem Seeds are a guarantee of quality for those who make purchases on our online store. When you buy cannabis seeds on our online store you have the guarantee that you are acquiring a product that is the result of years of hard work and research carried out by a team with vast experience in the sector.

The ultimate goal of every grower that decides to buy cannabis seeds is to obtain a high-quality bumper crop, and to do so, there are three key factors everyone should look at:

1-    Having a quality cannabis seed with stable genetics.

2-    Germinating and growing the seeds in optimum conditions and using the right methods.

3-    Having a suitable growing area with proper conditions both indoors –space, lighting, ventilation– and outdoors –climate, substrate–.

In order to meet the first requirement, the seed must be subjected to strict protocols regarding its genetic origin and the procedures it undergoes. In this regard, at the seed bank Dinafem Seeds we provide cannabis seeds with different genetics that have been subjected to extensive quality control tests and to numerous trials at our laboratories.

As for the second requirement, there are several practical cannabis cultivation handbooks available in the market that explain the steps to follow so that the seed reaches its full potential. At Dinafem Seeds, the Customer Service Team –– is always ready to provide assistance before, during and after the online purchase.

Regarding the third point, it is paramount that the conditions of the growing area are in line with the potential of the selected seeds: climate, dimensions, ventilation, lighting, watering, nutrition, tidiness and cleanness.

Those who start out in the cultivation of cannabis seeds often feel at a loss about what marijuana seed to choose. Before taking the final decision you should consider some aspects linked to production and tasting. When it comes to production, it is important to think about the requirements of the seed in the growing phase (level of difficulty, plant size, climate for outdoor cultivation and available space for indoor, etc.). As for tasting, you should ask yourself which are the sensations you want to obtain (effect, flavour, aroma, etc.).

In order to make the decisive moment of the purchase easier, all the marijuana seeds available on our online store feature a product sheet with a picture of the plant, a detailed description and a list of the most relevant technical specifications, all which will make buying online a really enjoyable experience.