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The 10 Best Cannabis Strains for Your Indoor Crops

  • Summer has come to an end it is time to dig your coat out of the back of your closet, begin the process of drying your outdoor plants and... why not?
  • Perhaps it has occurred to you to begin growing indoors, a method that will allow you to pack your pantry with succulent buds of marijuana year round.
  • If you are used to growing outdoors, you might find this change a little complicated at first, as you will have to keep in mind some new factors you did not have to think about before.
strains cannabis indoor

Like everything in life, the best way to master this method of cultivation is to lay down a good foundation. So, to begin, let's look at what types of strains are most suitable to fill your growing room. Below we recommend the 10 best genetics for indoor cultivation. Keep on reading.


Ever since feminized strains hit the market, many growers have chosen this type of strain because it ensures that your plants will always be female. Their aromatic characteristics and productivity are also attractive. If you are among those who prefer this type of genetic, pay attention, because you will fall in love with these three varieties:

Bubba Kush and Purple Afgan Kush

These two exotic beauties are perfect candidates for indoor growing because they are predominantly Indica, featuring moderate vertical growth and a compact shape, which makes them more manageable. Remember that when growing indoors space is limited, and a very common problem encountered by growers who lack experience with a given variety is that they do not know how large or how fast their genetic is going to grow, so their plants can turn out to be too big for their closets. These two strains of marijuana are the purest Indicas in our catalogue, and also offer another important advantage: their short flowering period (50-55 days).

Critical+ 2.0

This strain of cannabis features a whole compendium of qualities that have made it one of the most popular in the world. This plant is the fastest and most productive, measured by grams / days of cultivation. And its powerful aroma, an intense flavour with tinges of lemon, pine and spices, makes it a delight even for the most demanding palates.


Automatics are strains that stand out for their speed. These types of genetics, thanks to their Ruderalis heritage, do not depend on photoperiods to flower, a quality that sets them apart from feminized plants, whose growing period usually lasts approximately 15 days (during which they receive about 18 hours of light vs. 6 of darkness), a time when the plant "understands" that it needs to grow. After these 15 days, in the case of feminized varieties, you must reprogram the timers on your lamps so that the lighting is 12/12, thus start the sexing period (15 days) + blooming (50 days, depending on the variety).

However, if you are growing autoflowering seeds, the full life cycle of your plants will take about 70 days. Since, as mentioned earlier, these types of genetics do not depend on the photoperiod, you'll get better results with your harvest if you always give them 20 hours of light and 4 of darkness.

Which one should I choose? Feminized? Autoflowering? The truth is that this choice is very personal and depends on each grower's tastes and circumstances. Here are some quick calculations to help you to decide which option is best for you.


  • Hours of light per day: 20 hours
  • Cultivation period (approx.): 70 days
  • Total hours of light: 1,400 hours


Hours of light per day: 15 days x 18 hours / 65 days x 12 hours

Cultivation period (approx.): 80 days

Total hours of light: 1,050 hours

As you can see on this table, if you decide you grow automatic cannabis seeds you will have your harvest 10 days earlier, although in reality you will invest 350 more hours of light. Growing indoors, 10 days less per harvest means that you will be able to reap 5 crops per year, while with feminized plants you will only have time for 4.

If you ultimately opt for this kind of strain, here is our recommendation:

Critical + 2.0 Auto

This is the best-selling strain in our catalogue because its flowers are quite particular, with very tight, dense buds featuring orange pistils, and, above all, a very intense flavour, with hints of lemon.

Bubba Kush Auto

We recommend this variety because its flavour is spectacular, very distinct and strong (with notes of oil and earth), and it also has very relaxing and long-lasting effects. It also boasts the advantage of growing fast, as it is an automatic.

Moby Dick XXL Auto

This strain stands out for its great productivity, a quality much appreciated by many growers seeking to maximise their harvest in a short period of time.

Haze Auto CBD

A champion featuring several qualities that make it a unique gem. As an autoflowering strain, speed is guaranteed, and it is also rich in CBD, which makes its effect more pleasant and balanced.

Rich varieties in CBD

Varieties rich in CBD have burst onto the market, modifying and expanding consumption habits. This is a new trend that makes it possible to enjoy the effects of cannabis in a more sustainable and balanced way. If you prefer an effect that does not interfere with your daily activities, devoid of the psychoactive high characteristic of strains rich in THC, these are our recommendations:

Bubba Kush CBD and OG Kush CBD

These two strains, aside from possessing the properties and balanced effects offered by CBD-rich varieties, are an excellent choice for home growing indoors because of their extraordinary flavour.

Amnesia CBD

This is a potential candidate to fill your growing closet thanks to its great productivity, which, combined with the benefits of CBD (having a sustainable effect compatible with day-to-day activities), makes it a real star.


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