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Dinafem Video: Feminised Cheese, a plant full of unique nuances

  • It is difficult to describe the characteristics of this variety on the basis of other known genetics, as the feminised Cheese is a unique plant, with highly distinctive properties.
  • Its exclusivity and reliability, marked by an unmistakable flavour and aroma, make this British strain an excellent option for manner of growers.
  • If you are still not altogether convinced, you will certainly change your mind once you see the video we have brought from Dinafem. Sit down and enjoy.

The Cheese cannabis seeds of Dinafem Seeds are a feminised variety and a hybrid of a Skunk #1 strain, with highly singular taste and smell properties, and an Afghani #1. The result is a type of indica-dominant cannabis genetics which is pleasing to Skunk lovers and converges around that deep aromatic characteristic that gives it its name.

This variety was first successful in Europe, more specifically in the United Kingdom, where it succeeded in gaining the favour of British lovers of quality cannabis. The 'Cheese' name started to become popular early in 2000, following much hard work from a group of members of the Squatter movement, who were after a worthy Skunk offspring. Following various crosses, the union with a pure Afghan variety worked the trick and brought about the Cheese.

As can be seen in these images, this variety results in a plant of medium/high stature, which is radiant in appearance and resistant in its structure. Its leaves, although average in size, are wide and they are tinged with a deep green colour. The final result is also impressive, with compact, resinous buds that give off a very fruity initial aroma and culminate in a sharp peak with a narrowing shape.

This, generally speaking, is a strong, resistant and stable variety, which achieves good results outdoors, even in climates such as that of the United Kingdom. This stabilized hybrid of commercial Cheese inherits its excellent yield and fast flowering from its Afghan parent, as befits a plant that is adapted to the demanding conditions of the harsh climate found on the Afghan mountains. These qualities, along with a hypnotic aroma, make the Cheese a sure bet.



This variety is noted for its high stability and should therefore present no problem to us, as long as one follows the right steps. The Feminised Cheese thus stands out for its simplicity and serves as an adequate option for all types of growers, even those who are trying their luck for the very first time. Veterans, however, will not be disappointed either: thanks to its high reliability, the harvest can be extraordinary.

Suitable for indoors and outdoors

This feminised Cheese is noted for excellent resistance, which makes it suitable for the most humid climates, such as that of England or the mountains of the Iberian Peninsula. Although it resists unfavourable weather conditions, this variety displays itself in its full splendour in temperate and Mediterranean climates as well as in greenhouses.

As regards indoor growing, its size, which is suitable for indoors, and its good production ratio per watt guarantee an excellent yield, which makes this a perfect variety for putting into operations such devices as the SCROG technique. Thanks to this method, your plants will grow horizontally, forming a beautiful green tide, so that all the branches and flowers become exposed to the same amount of light. Besides, it is a good way of maximising production within a limited space.

Flowering and harvest

Another of the advantages of feminised Cheese lies in its short flowering period. With indoor growing, the harvest will be ready within between 50 and 60 days, resulting in compact buds that are covered in resin. If you choose this growing method, after harvesting you will be able to obtain up to 525 grams per square metre of a marijuana type with spectacular aroma and taste.

But it is in outdoor growing that this variety truly stands out, as here it can reach the impressive amount of 1,000 gram per plant. The ideal time for such cases is between early and mid-October.

A few tricks

The aroma of the feminised Cheese is one of the most important characteristics of this variety. However, this peculiar property lends itself to problems: its perfume is so intense that neighbours might notice it. It is therefore advisable to use an anti-odour system so as to neutralise its aroma. The most common option is that of installing an active carbon filter, but there are other possibilities, such as air fresheners, ozonators or specific gels for eliminating unwanted smells.

Aroma and taste

Lovers of cheese and cannabis should be happy. Users of this cannabis strain will be able to enjoy an indica aroma, with reminiscences of hashish, smoked wood, nuts and an assortment of aromatic spices that take us back to the day of "old school" cannabis. Impregnated in the palate, the taste of this strain leaves an equally powerful and unusual flavour, so prolonged as to remind one of the delightful aftertaste of a good cured cheese. This is precisely the origin of its name.


The sensations the Cheese produces in one's organism are progressive, which means that the high will be quite balanced and relaxing. This does not mean, however, this it is not potent (it contains a THC of between 9 % and 14 %). Its effects start with a pleasant, pleasurable brain stimulation and end with a smooth feeling of physical relaxation. In fact, it is a perfect variety for enjoy a few moments' rest, preferable on one's own and without any worries around.


  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Sex: Feminised
  • Genotype: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
  • Cross: Old Skunk#1 x Afghani#1
  • Indoor flowering period: 50-60 days
  • Outdoor harvesting time: Early / mid-October
  • Indoor yield: 525 g/m2
  • Outdoor yield: 1000 g/plant
  • Outdoor height: Up to 2,5 m
  • THC: High (9 %- 14 %)
  • CBD: Average

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