White Widow

White Widow

Dinafem - Feminized

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White Widow is an indica-sativa hybrid with clear indica predominance, especially in the growing stage.

Not very vigorous, it has many side branches making it easy to control indoors.

The leaves are small, dark and shiny, whilst remaining quite wide.

The smell of the stems rubbed between your fingers is deep, sweet & sour and very strong; it is important to use carbon filters indoors.

Production may be lower than for other strains but this is compensated by its resin coated flowers.

Very good strength and a mixed physical and mental medicinal effect, which is truly pleasurable.

It is advisable to leave them in complete darkness for the last 5 days, to increase resin production as much as possible.

Bear in mind that it can be easily affected by mould in humid areas.

  • Mid size.
  • Bittersweet and pungent odour.
  • 55 days of flowering.
  • We advice to use it for medicinal purposes.
  • Production: 200 - 500 gr


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par de semillas d mi compra me an fallado q mier...

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A friend of mine gave me a Dinafem bean and I popped it and grew it and just for the record I'm somewhat of a connoisseur on growing white widow since its among my favorites for medicinal cannabis, I have grown many w.w. seeds from various companies but this was my first with Dinafem and I gotta say this bean grew a monster w.w. and the yield was as good as the sticky buds that were atop my plant. Just made me a believer.......


WOW shes a beauty this one..stroke the stem inhale nearly fall through a canopy of sour friutiness!
Such a strong dense formation and just looks like a widow should..frosty mornings and hot fires smells like heaven kicks like hell and tastes like something out of this world..heavy mike tyson hit then a soothing lullaby..love her she is the perfect woman..5days dark at end and its like a whore frost! bonus hash galore too-just from stems!!