How to spend the Coronavirus quarantine period looking after your cannabis plants

  • In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, many governments are encouraging citizens to go into quarantine.
  • Having a routine and keeping occupied at home during this isolation period is vital.
  • In this post we give you some ideas so you can devote more attention to your grow during this time.

The Dinafem family believe that the key to overcome this difficult situation is by keeping calm and being socially responsible. Staying at home at this time seems to be one of the preventive measures that will contribute to stopping the Coronavirus outbreak as soon as possible. We are convinced that if we all do our part, this situation will end really soon.

We would like to send a message of support to those of you directly affected, or who have relatives or friends affected by this virus. We would also like to try and raise everyone's spirits and make an appeal for calm. Let's not forget that there are no real reasons to panic, and that the sensible thing is to stay at home and make the most of this 'break' to wind down after all the stress that we normally accumulate on a daily basis.

Right now it is important to develop good habits that will help us overcome this period in the best way possible. On many occasions, we cannot control certain circumstances that life puts in front of us, but we have the power over how we react towards them. That's the reason why people react differently when faced with a given situation: some undergo a real ordeal, whilst others try to take full advantage of it. Dear growers: let's make the most of this unusual time and have a break from all the stress and rushing around that we deal with on a daily basis. Let's look at this period as a chance to go through that 'to do' list that we always leave for tomorrow.

Therefore, creating a good routine and giving your cannabis plants some extra attention will keep you entertained and in high spirits. And your plants will thank you for this with better and more flavourful harvests. We've created a list of things you can do to give your plants some extra TLC, as well as some healthy habits for yourself. Whether you live in a warm area and have an outdoor grow, or whether you grow indoors, you can enjoy these days at home to do the following:

  • Clean your grow: sometimes the lack of time and always being in a rush make us postpone this task that is essential to our plants' health. Remember: a dirty crop is more prone to being affected by pests and fungi. Get rid of the dry leaves that have fallen off the plants and are lying on the pots. If your plants are flowering, take off the leaves that have dried out but still hang from the branches; this will increase hygiene and improve light penetration.
  • Reorganise the distribution of your plants to make the most of the light. If you're growing indoors, it may be that the daily rush doesn't let you pay attention to the changes of the size of your plants. It's true that nowadays cannabis hybrids are really homogeneous and stable, but there's always one plant that grows a little higher than the others. Place them in a concave shape (stadium method) to get the most out of the light available.
  • If you're growing outdoors, this is a good time to learn how to make compost: you'll be making a top-notch organic substrate whilst recycling your kitchen waste.
  • You can also make that cannabis oil that you've always wanted to make. It's really easy to produce, and the only ingredients you need are olive oil (or another type of vegetable oil) and cannabis buds. By making this you'll be enjoying all the health benefits of cannabinoids but without damaging your lungs. Here we explain how to make it step by step.
  • If you're harvesting right now, take advantage of the time available to manicure your plants more precisely and carefully. This could be a great time to learn to cure your buds and thus improve their quality.
  • If your plants are at the late flowering phase, you can make fresh cannabis juice every morning before breakfast. Fresh cannabis doesn't produce any psychoactive effects and is considered a superfood that can highly boost your immune system. Something really appropriate for these extraordinary circumstances: a strong immune system not only prevents colds and viruses, but it can also alleviate symptoms.
  • Take the opportunity to learn new growing techniques and other knowledge about cannabis that can help you become a better grower. On our blog you can find all sorts of information about the cannabis plant. And don't forget, we'll continue publishing new posts almost every day!

Prevention is the best weapon against COVID-19. It's not a question of going through life in fear; you simply need to apply a series of simple measures to avoid an increase in the number of infections. This is why we recommend you, cannabis lovers, to take the following precautions:

  • Do not share your joints: the 'sharing is caring' motto needs to be put aside for now. If you want to treat your friends to a smoke, best give them a bit of your cannabis so they can roll their own spliff.
  • If you get your buds from a source that isn't your own, don't smell them. We know it's the first thing a marijuana lover normally does to check out the aroma, but you must remember that other people will have been touching those flowers, and you won't know what you're putting directly inside your respiratory tract. Avoid doing this; simply roll your joint normally and wash your hands after, BEFORE YOU LIT IT UP. Once you've done this, you can smoke it without worry as the high temperature produced by the combustion will kill the virus.

So keep your cool and your spirits up and make the most of this worldwide 'detox' time to have a rest and renew yourself.


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