Moby Dick XXL Auto

Video Dinafem: Moby Dick XXL Auto, production and quality united in a single seed

  • If you were looking for an autoflowering seed able to provide an abundant production without losing quality, you are in the right place.
  • We present you the evolution of an iconic strain from our catalogue, Moby Dick which, in its autoflowering version, will allow you to obtain a yield only within the reach of its regular sisters, an intense flavour and aroma and the physical and powerful long-lasting effect to which this killer whale has accustomed us to.
Moby Dick XXL Auto

This autoflowering variety, with a Sativa dominance, arising from the union between the White Widow XXL and the autoflowering Haze XXL, will not go unnoticed in your harvest. It is a high level plant with, in which balance and power are combined to yield a large production with an abundant amount of resin and a multitude of flowers. Something difficult to achieve in the autoflowering field.

If you have already tried Moby Dick XXL and have fallen in love with it, you will see that, with this improved autoflowering version, we have reached a new level. Its orange-coloured pistils and large calyxes serve as an anteroom for a harvest where large buds, as dense as heavy, predominate, even distributed across secondary ramifications. It also has a large central stem that crowns the plant, with such a quantity of resin that it will even impregnate its small leaves with a spectacular white speckled covering.

To enjoy all these incentives, you can either choose indoor or outdoor culture. No problem. Of course, keep in mind that if you decide on indoors, separation between the plants should be wider, as the Moby Dick XXL Auto is a shrub-like plant and will grow both high and wide.

Want to know more about this Dinafem strain? Take note of all the details and pieces of advice we are now going to review. But, before that, have a look at the video we have prepared for you about this seed.



The Moby Dick XXL Auto is extremely easy to grow. Vigorous and elegant, it does not need too much attention to yield a great production. However, in order to achieve the best results we must follow a series of basic guidelines and, if grown indoors, not commit the slightest mistake with regard to photoperiods (which should be between 18 and 20 hours a day).

Outstanding yield, both indoors and outdoors

 Like so many other strains, this Dinafem seed can be added to both our indoor or outdoor cultivation. Of course, as it usually happens in the cultivation of cannabis, the possibility of obtaining a much more abundant production will depend on the resources we have available. Experienced growers have told us about their experience in indoor cultivation, where 22 seeds of this Dinafem strain germinated in a 2x2 cabinet with adequate lighting, both with lamps and LED lights, have managed to yield an average of 156 grams per plant. For its part, outdoor performance can obtain up to 200 grams per plant. An exceptional result for an auto.

Flowering and harvesting

Whether we choose one type of cultivation or another, the Moby Dick XXL Auto flowering period is around 70-75 days; so four weeks after germination we will already be able to observe the first signs of flowering. As a warning, and due to the structure of this bush-shaped plant and its proportional growth high and wide, we must be careful with our 'indoor' crops, and avoid branches of one plant to clash with those of its neighbours. As for outdoors, experts advise to harvest from April to October.

Some tips

A good advice for the novice is to use coconut with this variety. Many growers agree that it is appropriate to add 30% to the soil. This will not only allow the plant to properly absorb all the mineral salts it requires, but it will also allow the water to drain well, which is always an added advantage.

In the same way, for the plant to optimally grow, it is also advisable to frequently water it, but in small quantities. This is why many opt for an automatic irrigation system in which drainage water is not reused, to give the strain the required nutrients without needing to be attentive every day.

Taste and aroma 

In case you have not yet been sufficiently seduced by this Dinafem Moby Dick version, it's time to talk about its organoleptic properties. Despite it being a balanced cannabis strain, the power and intensity of its flavour are extraordinary. As we taste it, touches of citrus and pine will clash in our palate. Then, some notes of exotic woods and certain reminiscences of sweet indicas, will embrace and crown this surprising mixture.


The Moby Dick XXL Auto is ideal for when we get home after a long day of work and need something to relax with. Its powerful effect, which will strike our body and leave us knocked out for a long time, will allow us to distance ourselves from problems and see life in a different way. Nevertheless, it is also great for meetings with friends: after a good meal and its corresponding long and relaxed talk, this Dinafem strain will round off an excellent evening.


  •  Indoor and outdoor
  • Gender: feminized autoflowering 
  • Genotype: Sativa dominance
  • Crossing: White Widow XXL Auto x Haze XXL Auto
  • Flowering indoor: 80 days
  • Harvest outdoors: from April to October
  • Indoor performance: 500 g / m2
  • Outdoor performance: 60-200 g / plant
  • Height: 75-160 cm
  • THC: high

Moby Dick XXL Autoflowering

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