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Haze XXL Autoflowering


Fast lane to the real Hazy taste

When, at Dinafem Seeds, we set out to create Haze XXL Autoflowering, we had a very clear idea in mind: to make life easier for all Haze lovers. And we sure did! This feminised autoflowering hybrid, born from the cross of a Jack Herer and a Haze 2.0 Autoflowering, delivers XXL crops in a remarkably short time. A quick way to fill your pantry with the best Haze taste!
  • Dominance: Sativa

  • THC: High

    CBD: Low

  • Outdoors:

    • 80-250 g/plant

    • 1.4 m

    • Early April / Late October

  • Indoors:

    • 400 g/m2

    • 85 days

  • Jack Herer
  • x
  • Haze 2.0 Auto

Perfect for: Haze lovers who wish to enjoy all the benefits autoflowering genetics offer


Haze XXL Autoflowering is a vigorous award-winning marijuana plant that grows rather big, with a large internodal spacing, meaning she’s less likely to be affected by moisture-related problems. We’re particularly proud of this strain because she is incredibly stable, which is something we’ve achieved after a long breeding process where up to 3 backcrosses were made. It wasn’t an easy job but… it was totally worth it!


In just 85 days from germination, this heavy-yielding strain will produce generous crops of elongated and resinous buds.

Aromas and flavours

An amazing strain created to satisfy the most demanding Haze-loving palates. The taste and aromas are really intense, with clear hints of incense, pine, lemon and exotic wood.


Her effect is potent, cerebral and long-lasting. A perfect strain to share great moments with your friends.


Haze XXL Autoflowering came into existence with the sole purpose of meeting the expectations of the numerous fans of this unique and exceptional strain. Being so easy-to-grow and fast-flowering, she’s perfect for novice growers and a safe bet for those who want to obtain generous crops in a very short time.

With Haze XXL Autoflowering, outstanding results are easily obtained both indoors and outdoors. However, if you decide to do so outdoors, she's best grown in humid climates because, thanks to her structure, she's resistant to moisture and plagues. This Sativa-dominant strain is a bit greedier than other genetics but go easy. A standard intake should be enough for her to thrive.

Adding 30 % of coco coir to the substrate could also help with aeration, and watering frequently but sparsely will definitely help this cannabis jewel show her full potential.

Characteristics of
Haze XXL Autoflowering cannabis seeds

CrossJack Herer x Haze 2.0 Auto
Comprehensive life cycle85 days
Indoor yield400 g/m2
Outdoor harvest timeEarly April / Late October
Outdoor yield80-250 g/plant
Outdoor height1.4 m

*Cannabinoid content (THC, CBD…) may vary depending on external factors such as the growth medium, the grower’s experience, the growing technique (SOG, SCROG…), the environmental conditions and genetic variation.

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42 customer reviews
4.95 out of 5 (based on 42 ratings)

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  1. Haze XXL

    5 out of 5
    Lovely 😍
  2. Haze XXL

    5 out of 5
    This strain is PHENOMENAL. Hands down best producing for me so far. The buds were so big and dense the lower branches needed to be supported as they were literally laying level and 1 plant took up a 3’x3’ space. Which in my experience is unusual for an autoflower to get this big. Love this Dinafem strain so much, I’m growing it again. .... and again ....
  3. Love this strain

    5 out of 5
    I grow this strain both to help me sleep at night and to get creative during the day. I find it grows well both indoor and outdoor, easy for beginners and experts alike. Also great for producing home made oils.
  4. Seeds

    5 out of 5
    Im so happy with dinafem, i cant wait to buy more Good seeds✌
  5. bumba clart, take me down na man.

    5 out of 5
    Potent ting, grew like a wild bush, under 1000w HPS 5 plants, gone dun me just a niggers dick over 840 gr, highly recommended, run da gals at least 13 weeks, maybe 15 weeks, but worth it dread.
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