Amnesia XXL Autofloreciente principal

Amnesia XXL Autoflowering: An Heir Worthy of Its Lineage

  • This is a real treat, definitely one of our best autoflowering strains, ideal for those looking for a high-quality Sativa seed with which to obtain fast-growing crops delivering high yields. And, most importantly, none of these factors will undercut its  quality in the least.
  • Growers are not only able to enjoy several harvests over the course of the year indoors, but outdoors too.
Amnesia XXL Autofloreciente principal

As Original Amnesia has demonstrated for years, this legendary strain, hailing from Holland, cannot fail to produce high-quality genetics. To prove it, just check out the characteristics now offered by our Amnesia XXL Autoflowering. A descendant of this famous line, which enthralled the cannabis world after Zwiep, a member of the Dutch nutrient company Hy-Pro, rolled it out back in 1994, now it joins the fusion of nothing less than the most Sativa-rich automatic in our catalogue: Original Amnesia Autoflowering.

Fruit of the combination of the two comes the XXL version, which combines the quality of the previous genetics and the extra benefit of its productivity, making it an ideal choice for those cannabis growers who don't have much time, as without too much effort they can obtain high yields. We are also talking about a cannabis strain of a quality within the reach of very few. And that's just the beginning. Let's take a look at the characteristics of Amnesia XXL Auto so you can see appreciate why it should definitely be on your wish list for your next crop. 



Both among those who already have an extensive background in cannabis cultivation, and those who have just gotten started, and dared to try Amnesia XXL, no one will hesitate to recognise how easy it is to get this strain to grow healthy and strong. Although it never hurts to keep a close eye on your plants, this is a variety that does not require too much attention, and you'll still enjoy highly productive crops.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing

The strain is of an average size and features a robust look. Whether indoors or outdoors, you can take full advantage of its qualities. In fact, Amnesia XXL Auto offers a peculiarity: if the weather is right you can actually carry out several harvests in one year due to its short flowering period, with a full life cycle that can last as little as 75 days

If you really want to make this happen, one of the recommendations offered by the most experienced growers is to use a soil mix that is 30% coconut in order to better oxygenate the plant while increasing the speed of certain assimilation and transformation processes that must occur. You can obtain average indoor harvests of 450-500 g/m2, while outdoors you can get 60-170 g/plant, if, for example, you plant in mid-May, to take advantage of the more intense light and optimal photoperiod.

Short flowering period

One of the main pluses of Amnesia XXL Auto is definitely its short flowering period. You won't have to wait long – just two and a half months – to have compact buds ready and willing to be harvested. As some growers have observed, certain leaves located above the branches that are blooming may, at times, prevent light from directly reaching the buds. In this case one faces a dilemma: to prune or not to prune? Strains with the Sativa genotype tend to have thinner leaves, such that light can better pass through them. So, don't worry if you never prune the plant, as the buds that are already growing will continue to do so, and new ones will sprout.

A trick or two

There are growers who, when it comes to automatic strains, advise against transplanting them, to spare them from stress and to ensure the growth expected of them. But this does not always happen. While you may encounter some setbacks, such as yellow spots on the leaves (a sign that something is off track), it can also happen that when you move the plant from a one-litre pot to a five-litre one, the plant perks up and continues to grow with no problem at all.

Flavour and aroma

The complexity of its flavours and aromas also will leave no one indifferent. Your taste buds will be delighted by tinges of lemon, incense, haze and pine. And, as if that were not enough, and you want to take its aromatic and gustative qualities one step further, many recommend employing fertilisers during the growth stage, which will enhance the already impressive qualities of Amnesia XXL Auto.


With a genetic descending from the legendary Original Amnesia, Amnesia XXL Auto equals the powerful effects of its predecessors. As is common with Sativa-dominant strains, it produces a very cerebral and lasting effect. It is a highly recommended option when you want to enjoy cannabis at a party with friends, but also when you just want to relax in solitude with some music. Occasional smokers, however, should be careful, as its powerful effects can KO those not prepared for it.



  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor growing
  • Sex: feminized autoflowering
  • Genotype: Sativa (dominant)
  • Cross: Original Amnesia x Original Amnesia Auto
  • Complete life cycle: 75-90 days
  • Outdoor harvest: April to October
  • Indoor yield: 450-500 g/ m2
  • Outdoor yield: 60-170 g/plant
  • Size outdoors: 75-170 cm
  • THC: High


Amnesia XXL Autoflowering

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