haze auto cbd autoflowering

New Haze Auto CBD, the first CBD-enriched autoflowering genetics

  • The cannabis seed market has long been waiting for a self-flowering variety with a high CBD concentration, thanks to which those people interested in this cannabinoid may find a harvest available to them in a fast, efficient way. And we, at Dinafem, could not be prouder of launching the new Haze Auto CBD, the first CBD-rich automatic genetics to appear in our catalogue. Here you can learn all about this new seed, with which Dinafem has started the new year and which contributes solid foundations to the promising field of medical autoflowering seeds. 
haze auto cbd autoflowering

The new Haze Auto CBD is a unique autoflowering variety in the current cannabis seed market and results from the union of our Haze Auto XXL with a pure CBD line, followed by a subsequent selection over various generations of high cannabidiol content until this is stabilized in all the progeny. In this way, we have managed to create a plant with an average CBD concentration of 7% and with a lowered THC concentration of 5.5% under outdoor cultivation conditions. However, this approximate ratio of 1:1 can be modified when this variety is cultivated indoors, resulting in CBD averages of 8.38% and THC averages of 7.23%, which yields an unusual final ratio of 1:1.13.

This is a highly vigorous plant of medium-high size, endowed with a structure like that of a small shrub and very easy to cultivate. Moreover, it has a low flowering that produces secondary branches, which are soon filled with compact, resinous buds. The leaves around the flowers are also scarce, which makes manicuring after the harvest an easy task. This variety was undoubtedly conceived for producing high-quality, tasty, CBD-rich buds in the most practical way possible.

Why was an autoflowering variety with CBD needed?

Currently existing varieties of marijuana with CBD are regular or feminized; there have been no medical autoflowering seeds until now. This opens up a highly interesting green field for this type of faster genetics, which need a shorter cultivation period and make it possible to obtain additional high-performance harvests. This is something numerous medical users would appreciate for filling their day-to-day kit.

For example, if cultivation is carried out in the American style, which places an emphasis on larger plants, this can last for more than 4 months: two months for the plant to become larger and a further two for flowering. In Europe, meanwhile, it takes 1 month of growth and 2 for flowering, amounting to three months: 90-100 days until the harvest. Our Haze Auto CBD is ready in 70 days from germination to harvesting, so its rapidity yields up to 5 harvests per year, whether in a warm climate, in a greenhouse or indoors.

Does the taste of an autoflowering seed with CBD change much in relation to high-THC cannabis?

With this Haze Auto CBD, we have managed to obtain a very pleasant taste that is not like that of a medicinal plant: sweet, fruity, very much like cannabis. Although this genetics in particular is not very lemony, it still retains notes of exotic woods from its mother, Haze XXL Auto, from which it also takes its dark orange-coloured pistils, an inheritance of the best tropical Sativas. In sum, it has a very marked, attractive Sativa taste: incensed and sweet in the mouth, which fans of Haze varieties will appreciate as it retains the typical aromatic and taste properties that characterise this genetics.

The aroma of the buds is also an asset, as they do not have the smell that is traditionally associated with a herb with CBD. Its smell is sweet, fruity and with a certain tendency towards citrus. It is not as intense as Haze XXL Auto, but this makes sense if one remembers that we are dealing with a Haze line crossed with a CBD line and subsequently stabilized over several generations. CBD, undoubtedly, not only mitigates the psychoactive effects of THC, but also, in a way, dilutes the intensity in the smell and taste of a variety.

How can you notice its calming effects? What must one observe to discover the action of CBD?

The first physical effect one notices with Haze Auto CBD is a very obvious one, a certain pressure around the eyes. This is like a muscular response sensation. When smoking your next high-THC joint, try to practice the exercise of stopping, breathing slowly and deeply, and concentrating on feeling if your heart is beating. This feeling will be more noticeable with high-THC cannabis. With CBD, you will realise that this is not so: your heart will not beat so noticeably, as the effect is gentler and calmer thanks to this CBD ratio.

After consuming this Haze Auto CBD, alter a few minutes one does begin to notice a certain high in one's head, a kind of lighter cloud but not a super-intense cloud: it is more of a lightweight cloud whose presence can be noticed but does not become a fog that stops you from advancing any further. Another unexpected effect is that of feeling more balanced and beginning to talk a lot: one feels like talking and conversing with people.

Other side effects of the high CBD content include a slight relaxation of the facial muscles; a pleasurable and stimulating feeling. A slight reddening of the eyes also takes place as does a certain drying of the mouth. But it never becomes that terrible dryness that turns one's mouth into a desert, what Americans know as "cotton mouth" and what we know as "cement mouth". There is some dryness but it is very slight. This is, after all, the traditional, familiar effect of cannabis, albeit much gentler and more mitigated.

And most important of all: you have all this but, at the same time, you remain totally focused, concentrated, and there is no spatial distortion or perceptual alteration. There is no temporal distortion either, as time does not pass without one's noticing and 10 minutes does not feel like 30. There is no short-term memory loss either, so CBD is highly effective when it comes to working at a high performance level. CBD, in fact, is gaining supporters among recreational users thanks to the great advantage of enjoying the intoxicating effects of cannabis while also being able to perform complex tasks.

Another effect that is not perceptible alter the first few puffs but is undoubtedly also present is that CBD is neuroprotective and can protect one from what is known as "cannabis hangover". What THC without CBD does is stimulate and produce extremely high amounts of hormones, serotonin, dopamine… which results in a strong stimulation of the brain. And when this happens, it obvious leaves a kind of "hangover", a noticeable come down effect. What CBD does is offset THC in this respect and protect one from unwanted side effects in moments of brain discharge.

Another effect present is that, as there is not so intense a stimulation of the brain, one does not get that feeling of tiredness, drowsiness and listlessness once the effect disappears. If you consume a herb with CBD and do not smoke for the next four hours, you will then notice the feeling of lightness, of placidity it produces, without the characteristic heaviness of high-THC cannabis. With CBD, it is all far more mitigated.

It is also very difficult for cannabis of this kind to provoke psychosis. With some users, THC can lead to psychotic episodes, which is important as there are a high percentage of people with a predisposition towards mental illness. CBD is antipsychotic; and this very clear effect of concentration means that it is highly bearable.

To compare it with another, highly familiar substance, it does not create the brutal effect of drinking pure whisky in the morning. It is like a light beer with lemon and a low percentage of alcohol: refreshing but very moderate in its effect. There is, however, a difference: alcohol does not contain an added substance that compensates for the hangover effect. But this type of cannabis does; CBD offsets the negative effects of THC consumption.

For example, it is very difficult for this herb to induce what is known as a "white-out" in the user, even more difficult that it should lower one's tension and far less frequent that it should lead to a panic attack. Panic is also a reaction that may be extreme in some cases. And this fact is very important as the herb, generally speaking, contains no CBD, which unfortunately means that this psychoactivity is so intense that it entails far greater added risks.

Are you convinced now about all you can find in this new Haze Auto CBD? Well, don't take too long in getting it: this is Haze, which is autoflowering and rich in CBD. And, above all else, it is the first seed of a lineage that is liable to open a new perception in the manner of consuming cannabis, both in the world of medical cannabis and that of its recreational counterpart.


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