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Haze XXL Autoflowering: When High Production and Quality Go Hand in Hand

  • We present the latest version of our Haze 2.0 Autoflowering. Fruit of the union of this strain with Jack Herer, at Dinafem we have created this hybrid, featuring a Sativa predominance, a vigorous and robust variety that stands out for its easy cultivation and its powerful, fast and highly productive flowering.
  • This is a plant that cannot be absent from the arsenal of any Sativa lover, as few genetics are capable of yielding crops as prolific and high in quality.
haze autofloreciente

If there is a genetic with which we have managed to get the best of its autoflowering side, it is Haze. One example is Haze Autoflowering CBD, a stellar cannabis seed capable of combining a powerful shot of this cannabinoid, to deliver more sustainable effects; or Haze XXL Autoflowering, which we today we bring you a video of, a real jewel in the crown, blending the quality of the seeds from which it comes with productivity provided by very few. To this must be added its superb stability, a consequence of a backcross with the same mother plant for three generations.

Of course, if you love Sativa-dominant strains, Haze XXL Autoflowering is a good choice. It requires little care, and delivers yields of up to 185 grams per plant outdoors, even taking advantage of natural light periods. To do this you will have to get the location of the plant right, though, as it loves to sunbathe. 

In addition, its strength and its complex structure, with many branches, is capable of sustaining elongated, compact buds that are well coated in resin. Indoors, however, many people recommend opting for SOG cultivation so as make the most of the space available, growing up to 16 plants per square meter. 



With Auto Haze XXL you won't have much trouble getting very good results, regarding of your cultivation method. Obviously, its performance will depend on each grower's experience and skill, but this cannabis plant tends to deliver great productivity without many problems. 

Both indoors and outdoors

If you chose outdoor cultivation, one of your main concerns should be the plant's location. This is an extremely gluttonous strain with regards to natural light, and it loves heat. In addition, as with any Sativa-dominant strain, it features thin leaves, which favours the whole plant getting enough light. It is important to ensure that all those leaves get plenty of sun throughout the plant's life cycle, which ranges from 85 to 90 days.

It is advisable to start planting in mid-May in order to make the most of the light intensity available, and to have access to photoperiods optimal for this strain. If you have your crop indoors the yields will remain high, up to 450 grams per square meter under favourable conditions.

Flowering and harvest

After the harvest you won't be able to believe that you're dealing with an automatic strain here. Some growers recommend the SOG system indoors, as one of the advantages of Haze XXL Autoflowering is that, despite having a fairly wide separation between nodes, its structure is also sturdy enough to sustain compact buds sprouting from the top of the plant. You must take this into account because, with most of the production at the top of the plant, you'll want to prune the leaves located at the bottom so that all the energy of the strain goes to those upper buds.

Keys: coconut fibre

There are some other recommendations for this strain, such as adding 30% of coconut to the soil in order to grow in a substrate that is airier, spongy, stable and with faster-growing roots. If the plant is going to get massive light where it is grown outdoors, some people recommend placing some limestone at the top of the substrate to prevent the temperature from skyrocketing and damaging the plant. Finally, many recommend watering the plants frequently, but sparingly. 

Flavour and aroma

If you like the sensations of Haze strains, this seed will positively dazzle your taste buds. Upon contact with the palate, you'll experience the classic taste of Haze, but enhanced, with a very intense aroma of incense, pine, lemon and exotic woods. And we're warning you: you'll want more. 


Haze XXL Autoflowering descends from the legendary Haze and, of course, our Jack Herer. Undoubtedly, two varieties that marked a turning point in the cannabis world, not only for their taste, but also their effect. Hence, this autoflowering plant features a special effect, stimulating the user and inducing euphoria for a long period of time. If your plan is to share some laughs and a beer or two with friends, it is the ideal choice to liven up your evening.


  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing
  • Sex: Feminized autoflowering
  • Genotype: Sativa dominance
  • Cross: Jack Herer x Haze 2.0 Auto
  • Complete life cycle: 85-90 days
  • Outdoor harvest: April to October
  • Indoor yield: 400-450 g / m2
  • Outdoor yield: 60-185 g / plant
  • Size outdoors: 75-150 cm
  • THC: High

Haze XXL Autoflowering

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