White Label Regular Cannabis Seeds

In the beginning, the cannabis seed bank White Label Seeds possessed a catalogue just made up of regular strains. Consequently, they now corner the market in regular seeds. Delighted by the initial success, White Label had no hesitation in expanding its collection even more by including feminised and autoflowering seeds. See more >

However, White Label regular cannabis seeds never fail to surprise us, because this bank still today invests lots of time and money into creating and developing new strains.

There are many strains worth a mention within their catalogue but among the most remarkable ones we have: Jack Herer, worthy of a privileged place among the 10 best strains of all times, Amnesia White, one of the most famous Sativa now available in the market, and White Skunk, a perfect strain for beginners.

Regular White Label strains are highly regarded by marijuana lovers because they not only offer the possibility to completely control the cultivation process from scratch, but they also provide a challenge not suitable for everyone. Besides, they are perfect for people who are keen on producing cannabis or their own seeds.

Visit the White Label regular seeds’ section and enjoy some fabulous genetics with a really interesting price/quality ratio.