White Label Feminized Cannabis Seeds

White Label Seeds was the first enterprise linked to Sensi Seeds to include feminized cannabis strains in its catalogue. After their initial success, the White Label Seeds team has strived to meet the market's need for feminized seeds by creating new, rich and complex strains that exude quality from every pore. See more >

As White Label feminized cannabis seeds are easy to grow and flower rather fast, they help breeders to save both time and money. All the positive reviews received by these seeds provide the strongest guarantee when it comes to their quality and their performance. That’s why they are now regarded as a must-have for the collection of many cultivators, whether they are experts or beginners.

The vast collection of feminised marijuana seeds proposed by White Label comprises Indica, Sativa and some autoflowering strains. Among the most famous genetics we have: Pure Power Plant, one of the most highly regarded strains by commercial breeders or Northern Lights, with genetics used for the creation of tens of new strains all over the world.

Whatever your choice, you cannot go wrong, because growing White Label feminized cannabis seeds is an accessible and easy way to obtain abundant high-quality crops.