Dutch Passion Cannabis Seeds

Dutch Passion is a seed bank that works with seeds that are Dutch in origin. It was founded in Amsterdam in 1987 by Henk van Dalen, a biologist who took his first steps into the world of cannabis by working with Thai and Nigerian genetics that were brought into Holland. See more >

Dutch Passion cannabis seeds have always been more than welcomed by all people alike and their fame has reached every corner of the globe. They were the first to work with DJ Short, founder of the Blue family and, along with him, created the Blueberry and the Blue Velvet, to name just a few.

Dutch Passion is the owner of numerous elite clones conserved for many years. It is their constant investment in development and research that has allowed them to keep on launching brand-new products that achieve universal recognition for their excellence.

Dutch Passion features a catalogue with feminised, regular and autoflowering marijuana strains of the highest quality. In addition, it must be pointed out that it was the first bank to market feminized cannabis seeds.

Dutch Passion offers such an extensive catalogue that it is extremely easy to find plenty of legendary award-winning strains. Amongst the most renowned genetics, we can find the following ones: White Widow, Blueberry, Skunk #11 or Mazar.