Barney's Farm Cannabis Seeds

Barney’s Farm is a Dutch cannabis seed bank founded in Amsterdam by Derry, a breeder who belongs to a small group of growers that gathered different strains from central and eastern Asia in the late 80’s and used them wisely to create special and unique strains. See more >

Barney’s Farm cannabis seeds have been widely sold since 1991 and have always received plaudits and appreciation from people all over the world. Much of this flawless reputation is owed to years and years of hard work aimed at providing their customers with different and exceptional marijuana genetics.

Barney’s Farm reached its peak with the release of the following landmark strains: Morning Glory and Sweet Tooth. From that moment on, it has been its personal mission to produce a stable, high-end final product. Hence, it is by no means surprising they have succeeded in it.

Barney’s Farm is made up of a team of professionals who, encouraged by their need to make progress, devote their time to research as well as to meeting the requirements of the most demanding growers.

Although the strains featured in Barney’s Farm catalogue are mostly feminised, there are also many autoflowering and CBD-rich cannabis seeds available, some of which have received awards and recognition worldwide: Pineapple Chunk, Critical Kush, Blue Cheese, Lsd, Vanilla Kush or Tangerine Dream, to name but a few.