White Label Cannabis Seeds

White Label Seeds is a Dutch cannabis seed bank founded in 2000 as a branch of Sensi Seeds. It was created with the aim of providing breeders with new versions of already existing genetics by selecting the most popular and appreciated ones. Later on, it set out to develop some new genetics of its own. See more >

Since its foundation, the team of White Label Seeds has been backed by the experience and expertise of Sensi Seeds. Thanks to that, they have devoted their time and effort to doing research and developing different genetics. Their line of work is focused on looking for excellent genetics all over the world, always trying to get the most attractive and praised seeds by both beginners and experts.

White Label Seeds cannabis seeds make up a collection of feminized, regular and autoflowering strains with really valuable exotic and classic touches. All of them are highly resistant and stable. Thanks to their reliable and efficient production as well as to a limited marketing campaign, White Label Seeds offers the opportunity to obtain award-winning strains with an excellent price/quality ratio. Among the vast selection proposed by this bank, we have Skunk #1, Super Skunk or Northern Lights#5 x Haze.

Furthermore, White Label Seeds puts at the disposal of all cannabis-lovers a wide range of XXL strains that are able to produce plenty of marijuana under the same conditions as the rest.

Our website proposes remarkably powerful White Label strains with which breeders will obtain very satisfactory results.