White Label Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

White Label Seeds puts at our disposal the automatic version of its best strains so that we can enjoy our favourite cannabis without having to wait for a long time. Although the collection is quite limited, White Label takes pride in offering cannabis seeds that turn into fully-grown plants that are ready for harvest within just 6 weeks from germination. See more >

We cannot help mentioning that, apart from the usual advantages that autoflowering plants offer, White Label autoflowering cannabis seeds are all feminised strains, which means that the cultivation process will be far easier. It's highly rewarding for cannabis growers to obtain high-quality crops with such little effort and this bank makes that possible.

Within just 2 months, White Label seeds produce beautiful plants that are sure to delight every single person. In this category, the strains worth a mention are: Northern Lights Automatic, the strain with the fastest flowering, Super Skunk Automatic or White Haze Automatic.

White Label autoflowering marijuana seeds are the perfect choice for people who are in search of plants that grow so fast that are capable of unleashing their full potential even in regions with harsh climates or little exposure to sunlight.