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OG Kush cannabis seeds by Dinafem Seeds belong to a feminized Indica-dominant cannabis strain that results from the cross between a Lemon Thai/Pakistani and a Chemdawg. It is a high-quality, exotic hybrid that has achieved great success both in the USA and in the rest of the world.

OG Kush carries the initials OG, which stand for Ocean Green, as according to a legend, it used to be grown by the seashore. Very much appreciated in California, it is one of rap stars' and marijuana connoisseurs' favourites. It grows into a stunning, fast-flowering, easy-to-grow, small/medium-sized marijuana plant that produces compact, resinous buds with such an intoxicating aroma that it requires the use of anti-odour filters.

OG Kush cannabis seed performs well indoors, particularly in small spaces and with SOG. Outdoors it enjoys temperate/Mediterranean climates and the greenhouse. It will give a tropical touch to your garden and will seduce you with its taste and aromatic properties.

The flavour and aroma of OG Kush are very fruity, with notes of Diesel, berries and citrus fruit. The powerful effect is cerebral at first, evolving quickly towards a pleasant, relaxing, heavy high. It is the perfect cannabis strain to rest deeply.

Characteristics of OG Kush cannabis seeds

  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Sex: feminized
  • Genotype: 75% Indica /25% Sativa
  • Cross: Lemon Thai/Pakistani x Chemdawg
  • Indoor flowering period: 55 days
  • Outdoor harvest time: early/mid-October
  • Indoor yield: 550 g/m2
  • Outdoor yield: 1100 g/plant
  • Outdoor height: 3 m (approximately)
  • THC: very high (up to 24%)

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my favourite

This is super potent and very balanced strain. This is an absolute must have for any serious grower, I have been growing this strain for several years now and it never failed me. However, watch out for the mold - the buds are so huge they bring the plant down and may start molding from the inside, especially in the last 3 weeks.

Forever yours,
Manolo Blantolo


i want it

Great Strain

OG Kush by Dinafem is extremely easy to grow. I have had a 10 out of 10 success during germination and flowering. The first 4 weeks into flowering the buds hardly increase in size, however between the 5th and 7th week it pretty much doubles in size. The smell is a mixture of petrol, lemon and a very strong fruity smell. I grew in soil in 3 gallon pots and achieved the height of 120cm! Recommended.

Highly recommended

I've been growing this strain in 20 gal DWC buckets and am very impressed with the growth pattern and high yield. Dinafem hit a home run with this strain. Super easy to grow and will reward the indoor botanist with 16-18 inch extremely potent flowers the size of soda cans. You will need a carbon filter for the overwhelmingly Sweet smell of lemons and gasoline and she doubles in size in the last two weeks of growth. AWESOME STRAIN

Scrog best og kush 55 days 24 % wow what more

it is super por scrog

simply the best strain

A truly rewarding plant fantastic return
Well done dinafem your simply the best , ' Trust Within The Leaf

6lb+ outdoor

Like the title says, these get gigantic outside producing rock hard fist & golf ball sized pieces. All I run now in northern ca. Germinate & top early for best results.

Best Strain On Earth!

I've been an indoor grower for over 13 years now and by far Dinafem's OG Kush is the best I've ever grown! It is my all time favorite. It's an okay yielder in my opinion, but has super rock hard buds covered in trichromes. The rock hard buds and trichrome coverage makes up for the average yield for sure. Perfect plant for indoors since it does not stretch to much after the flip. Also handles minor stress like under/over watering and high heats very well! Also clones very easy and is a great mother plant since she needs little attention. Has a great head high that lasts around two to three hours. If your a connoisseur this is a must have for sure! And even if not still it's a must have. This is a strain you order more than just one of because you will for sure want more. Just an all around great strain from Dinafem.

Keep up the great work Dinafem, I sure do appreciate it!

The Madgardener

og kush

im currently on week 7 in flower & the buda look excelent smells really sweet kind of a mango sweet & gasoliny but cant realy get the lemon smell bit piney i would say as light green solid dence buds golf balls & soda can sizes cant wail to taste her another 2weeks r pull her hope the fuely/lemone /pines there keep it green peeps