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Critical + 2.0 Autoflowering


Dinafem’s most requested autoflowering

Critical + 2.0 Autoflowering is Dinafem Seeds’ bestselling autoflowering seed. This piece of information should be enough for everyone to know this cannabis jewel masterfully combines all that is necessary to make a cannabis grower happy: stability, speed, vigour, yield, flavour and potency. What else could one expect from the cross of two genetics as amazing as Critical + Autoflowering… Read more >
  • Dominance: Indica

  • THC: 15-20%

    CBD: 0.01-0.2%

  • Outdoors:

    • 100-300 g/plant

    • 0.6-1.3 m

    • Early April / Late October

  • Indoors:

    • 500 g/m2

    • 70-80 days

  • Critical + Auto
  • x
  • Critical +

Perfect for: Commercial growers who want to always obtain large top-quality yields as quickly as possible.

Critical + 2.0 Autoflowering is Dinafem Seeds' bestselling autoflowering seed. This piece of information should be enough for everyone to know this cannabis jewel masterfully combines all that is necessary to make a cannabis grower happy: stability, speed, vigour, yield, flavour and potency. What else could one expect from the cross of two genetics as amazing as Critical + Autoflowering and Critical +? A pure cannabis delicacy!


Critical + 2.0 Autoflowering turns into rather thick Indica-dominant marijuana plants with a thin stem and short/medium internodal spacing. Her mid-sized Indica/Sativa leaves cover the entire body of this particularly vigorous plant whose sole weak point is the resistance to moisture, which is fortunately made up for by her fast flowering that minimises every risk of being hit by fungi.


As good successor of the Critical lineage, Critical + 2.0 Autoflowering is a heavy yielder of thick, smelly and resinous Indica buds.

Aromas and flavours

Critical + 2.0 Autoflowering showcases, like the original Critical +, an overwhelming Skunk aroma with very intense lemony touches that will leave no one indifferent.


The ‘high’ delivered by Critical + 2.0 Autoflowering is purely Indica: potent, relaxing and long-lasting. She’s perfect for relaxing after a hard day at work or simply for disconnecting from the world and slipping into a downy sleep.


Critical + 2.0 Autoflowering is an extremely vigorous cannabis plant. Her strength makes her ideal for cannabis growers with very little experience or for those who live in regions with extreme climate conditions. You have to do it very badly for Critical + 2.0 Autoflowering not to thrive.

This strain is especially interesting for growing indoors, thanks to her small size. Despite growing well in all climates, we recommend being careful in extremely humid and rainy regions, especially during the flowering, because, given her Indica genes and the thickness of her buds, mould could hit hard.

In any case, her short life cycle and autoflowering nature makes the growing process incredibly easy and the risks of being hit by plagues and fungi are by far reduced. In order to make the most out of her, it is advisable to use a pot of at least 10 litres. However, if you’ve got plenty of space, you’d better use a 20-L pot and the results will be simply amazing. With autoflowering genetics, the trick is to make sure the plants haven’t got any deficiencies or problems from which they cannot get over during their short life cycle. To avoid it, you only have to follow these basic tips:

Water your plants frequently but sparsely, always making sure there’s no standing water that could cause the roots to drown. If you’re cultivating outdoors, try to do so during the hottest months with the longest days. If you decide to grow indoors instead, keep a cycle of 20 hours of light/4 hours of dark all the time. Help the roots metabolize all the available nutrients by making sure the substrate is well aerated, which is done by adding a 30 % of coco coir to it. Treat her with care and pay her some attention in order to put an early end to any problems that may arise and... Voilà! In just 80 days from germination you’ll be harvesting some incredibly delicious Skunk-scented buds.

Characteristics of
Critical + 2.0 Autoflowering cannabis seeds

CrossCritical + Auto x Critical +
Comprehensive life cycle70-80 days
Indoor yield500 g/m2
Outdoor harvest timeEarly April / Late October
Outdoor yield100-300 g/plant
Outdoor height0.6-1.3 m

*Cannabinoid content (THC, CBD…) may vary depending on external factors such as the growth medium, the grower’s experience, the growing technique (SOG, SCROG…), the environmental conditions and genetic variation.

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4.91 out of 5 (based on 225 ratings)

All reviews about Critical + 2.0 Autoflowering:

  1. Mr

    5 out of 5
    All the way in South Africa, I had one of these babies in a 11l pot plant. She gave me an amazing 70gram dry weight yield. I was super impressed greenhouse growing with 600w hps light.
  2. You gotta try Critical+2.0 if you haven't! 5 bong rating!

    CheckmarkA "verified" checkmark Verified purchase
    5 out of 5
    I grew two of these this summer in 5 gallon bags outdoors. I let the first one go natural, and topped the second. The natural finished in 83 days at 48 inches tall, and the topped one finished in 73 days. 101g and 94g - very respectable weights. After hanging for 12 days, dry trimmed and tested. A very smooth smoke with a fruity citrus aroma with sweet undertones. Very easy to grow outdoors. Definitely a keeper. Great genetics on this one!
  3. Mr

    5 out of 5
    Beautiful plant genetics exploded out of the pot 5 star rating beautiful lady
  4. Hy guys !

    5 out of 5
    You are amazing, i ordered from Croatia and the seeds came in in 10days. Everything was going great, but now I'm a bit concerned because my plant is over 3 weeks old but is, in my opinion, growing pretty slow and I don't know gow to tako better care of that, so if you have any advices, I would really need some. Here are some pictures of my 27 day old plants...
  5. Critical+2.0 is a beautiful plant

    CheckmarkA "verified" checkmark Verified purchase
    5 out of 5
    I'm new to autos and had this one recommended to me. Growing outdoors @49N. Beautiful structure, easy to grow with nice kolas. Here's a picture @ day 75, just giving her H2O for her last 14 days. Will chop her on day 85. Nice citrus odor. 122cm tall in a 20 litre bag. Now I want to try out more of Dinafem autos.
  6. Mr

    5 out of 5
    Excited to grow this strain again! Due to the COVID-19 lockdown I was unable to properly look after the plant properly as it wasnt grown at home, so was unable to to water and feed it regularly, she was only in a 8L pot of soil but still managed to yield 52grams under a mars900. She definitely looked like she needed more regular feeding and will go for a 20L pot next time around. I used biobizz light mix and their Nutirents. Highly recommend for new growers.
  7. amazing

    5 out of 5
    outstanding genetics, had grown this girl 3 years in a row, so far i have gotten 2 phenos, one slender pheno with a more fruity piny taste and a bushier lemon and what i can only describe as old attic smell/taste, both really potent and pleasant, good yield too :)
  8. Critical 2.0 Auto

    5 out of 5
    So far WOW to this Strain I'm loving the looks of it and smells so good
  9. human

    5 out of 5
    critical + 2.0 is 11/10!!!
  10. Super excited

    5 out of 5
    Just got my new critical 2.0 from dinafem super stoked to get them growing my first time doing autos using the best
  11. Very good

    5 out of 5
    Very good plant. Strong genetic.
  12. Amazing strain

    5 out of 5
    The girls are very happy and so am I! Amazing strain I'm looking forward to the smoking these beauties!!!!!
  13. Bonus seeds

    5 out of 5
    Got two bonus seeds and was happy to use them. Two seeds, two phenos. First one indica was short and fast. Started flowering on the 25th day and was ready on the 65th. Nice sticky buds with strong aroma. Second sativa dominant, started flowering on the 36 day and was ready to harvest only on 84th day. Great plants easy to grow. Thaks
  14. Nice Indica

    5 out of 5
    Nice variety, strong and easy to grow, resistant to stress and producing fat nugss
  15. New Grower

    CheckmarkA "verified" checkmark Verified purchase
    5 out of 5
    I’m not an expert by any means but these were a 10/10 to grow. I will be purchasing them again. Thanks a lot dinafem! Keep them coming.
  16. Surprised!

    5 out of 5
    This little gem achieved a well structured larg plant with tons of resin. The largest auto I’ve ever grown. Personally didn’t enjoy the flavour but when I shared with others they loved it, so I would say it’s a personal thing. Regardless if you wish for big resinous buds this is the one!
  17. So far so good

    5 out of 5
    My order shipped fairly quickly and all my seeds popped within 24hrs. They seem to be good quality so far.
  18. Dude

    5 out of 5
    So nice, good job guys a perfect mix between couch lock and painting a picture. Very Sativaish growth but a nice stocky finish. Keep up the good work would recommend 100%
  19. No

    5 out of 5
    Beautiful strain
  20. Mr

    5 out of 5
    Got a free seed with my order of auto amnisia xl , nice smoke verry productive be an ideal auto for beginners. I prefer my auto sativas .
  21. Mr

    5 out of 5
    Awesome strain for newbies! Very easy to grow with great yields.
  22. Low Yield

    2 out of 5
    I planted 5. Of the 5, 4 sprouted. 1 plant produced 32g and each other one yielded 12g. Quite disappointing
  23. Critical +2.0

    5 out of 5
    I have recieved two free seed of critical and the first one i can't remember but the second one was one of the best strains i have ever smoked in my entire life of a pasion marijuana smoker (not the biggest one i have grown but some compact nugs). I love the smell and the taste of it (after I burbed it), i surrely also love the effects. There are no words to describe the quality of this shit. I surely rate you to buy it just in case you don't believe me. Btw the Blue amnesia auto from dinafem is also one of my top 3 strains. I'm sorry if my grammer is not excelent cause i'm French. on this I tell you chao!!!
  24. Vinny

    5 out of 5
    Great shop highly recommend a+++ great service and great products always have used this company and never had a single problem . Highly recommend a++++
  25. Critical+2.0

    5 out of 5
    Αφήνει γεύση ξυνή στο στόμα. Όταν καίγεται αφήνει σαν πιπέρι.... Εύκολα αποτελέσματα
  26. Ganstah Strain

    CheckmarkA "verified" checkmark Verified purchase
    5 out of 5
    Im from New Zealand, and i got two free critical 2.0 auto seeds and im very happy with the outcome. even this auto strain is got a wicked hit and flavour! way better than MNSL seedbank, nirvana and humbolt seeds! i cant wait to see how my photoperiod strains are gonna turn out! i highly recomend dinafem seeds. there straight gangstah
  27. Awesome strain

    5 out of 5
    This is one good plant to grow. Very easy and fast, massive yield and smooth tasty smoke. Higly recommended!
  28. Mr

    5 out of 5
    Great yield beautiful flowers and the aroma when I walk into my house is unforgettable
  29. Tall for an Indica

    5 out of 5
    Shes a beauty over 110cm massive yield, love this strain in photoperiod so thought I would give the auto a try, glad I did !!
  30. My favourite

    5 out of 5
    One of my favourites, did them for the first auto grow and tryed them after again. Grew altogether 8 plants, under 600w HPS every time I had sativa dominant phenos, fast, even and compact growth.although indica dominant types were common.Arround 80cm tall, indica type 60-70 .The smell was really strong as they say so a good filter is really a must.They were also easy to grow, had no problems.The form of buds is dense and hard, lemony smell and pretty sticky when in flower. (mmmmmm i can smell them right now even i dont have them any more ahhahahahah) The smoke/taste/smell... I called that strain "working stuff" cuz it had a good sativa dominant high at first and calming relaxing can do stuff when high and be creative or something..daytime smoke if you ask meThe taste was fruit alike, very nice.And the smell was also fruity,lemony, like that old school skunkish stuff.Buds stayed dense after drying/during and had linght green/yellow/orange colour, very favorable eye. Yeild was arround 70-80g dry per plant. 4.5/5 overall
  31. Elite!

    5 out of 5
    I have grown only one of these, but it was great experience - and my first auto. The plant grew extremely vigorously, and in a beautiful way. There were no problems at all, none.It got less than 150W of LED light, still got more than 40 grams (2 oz). 6 litre Airpot, cheap soil, not much nutes!My plant reached height of exactly 1 meter.Tastes as good as any of my plants, and the potency is even stronger than the photos I have. Effect is typical for hybrids, in the middle of the road. Fine everyday smoke.Summa summarum: best and easiest plant ever. And this was first time, when the info from the breeder actually happens to be true!
  32. Nice!

    5 out of 5
    My first autotflowering. Grows vigorously and beautifully in a 6 litre Airpot under about 140W of Red/Blue + 2700K white LED power. About 25W of the light power is aimed to the middle parts of the plant, and it works very well - there grow lots of decent buds even under the middle height of the plant.The plant is 1 meter tall and about 0.8 meter wide. The open structure seems to help a lot, when you don't have massive light power.Also, it hasn't show any kind of problems. With that little (140W) light and 1 meter tall, the plant hasn't even dropped a single leave!
  33. El Mambo

    5 out of 5
    Nice taste and high potency.
  34. Ganja Man

    5 out of 5
    Very Nice Smell,Very Good Taste,Very Good Harvest . . . super genetics 600 w -Hydro (dwc)- 4 plant Per plant;170 gr.Thank you Dinafem . . .
  35. goood!

    5 out of 5
    always in good mood and 1 oz yield is satistificed me. i advice this strain
  36. Personal view

    5 out of 5
    Very nice sort thx but the quantity wasn't as de scripted but probably cause the pots weren't big enough... Anyways it tastes very nice the buds are sticky,smelly and I would say its a slow rider with a strong kick ;)
  37. you will fall in love

    5 out of 5
    tryed this strain last season and i must say it is awesome. Awfull smelly, strong, resistant, very fast but above all a beautiful plant. Have a silky citrical smoke. Great bud to grow at home, nice big flowers stand for very long time in storage. if you want a standard to measure other domestical strains i think this is the one for everybody. Watch out for smell issues with your neighbors becouse this plants don't pass unnoticed.
  38. nice high

    5 out of 5
    im usually growing autos and growth some strains from different seedbanks.with high thc ratios written to advertise them.critical 2s i grew,maybe not the biggest not the highest yield one but highest potent i had from an auto plant
  39. Grade A

    5 out of 5
    Best auto i' ve seen...chunky, dense and fruity nugs. Can't wait for it to cure! Probably two ounces dry per plant (could have got way more if I was more experienced) in soil, no training, 600w hps, 65 days from first sign of sproutage. Thanks Dinafem!
  40. Producer and all around great stain

    5 out of 5
    5 plants...In hydro/coco/scrog..over 2.5lbs. Can handle heavt E.c 3.0+. pepper citrus blossom smell and taste.Thanks Dinafem!!!!
  41. The best auto I have come across so far!

    5 out of 5
    Best of the best by far. commercial interest for sure A+. Old school skunk darkness. medicinal all-rounder for sure. Beginner's paradise so fast it blow your mind and so strong and so much bud you will be smiling for a long time.
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