Serious Seeds Regular Cannabis Seeds

Serious Seeds regular cannabis seeds owe their existence to the experience lived by the founder of this bank when travelling around Africa, where we became familiar with the benefits cannabis could provide. On his return, he set out to cultivate selected regular seeds, which was a huge step forward in terms of experimentation with marijuana genetics. See more >

The seeds available in this bank’s catalogue are amazing world-renowned works of art that have been launched into the market and gradually improved by Serious Seeds. Among the most famous and appreciated regular genetics, we have: Chronic, Serious Seeds’ most commercial strain, winner of many awards all around the world, and AK-47, a strain that hasn't stopped obtaining really important prizes since her creation in the '90s.

The catalogue of Serious Seeds features regular seeds derived from original, stable and resistant genetics, which guarantees the best possible results regardless of the context.

Staunch supporters of regular plants who do not see any alternative to the use of traditional farming techniques will be undoubtedly seduced by a high-quality final product with unique traits as well as really intense flavours, aromas and effects.

Do not hesitate anymore and visit Serious Seeds' section of regular cannabis seeds. You are sure to end up in love with the marvellous strains available in their catalogue.