Serious Seeds Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Serious Seeds, one of the most experienced cannabis seed banks in Holland, has always aimed to develop homogeneous marijuana seeds that could offer their best potential regardless of the strain they derived from. See more >

However, Serious Seeds autoflowering cannabis seeds still cannot claim to be at the same level as feminised and regular strains. As a result, the offering is rather limited and so far the only strain available is White Russian Auto, a strain that undoubtedly deserves a privileged place within this confined collection of Serious Seeds.

In order to ensure the best possible quality, all Serious Seeds strains, including those that, as automatic seeds, are still undergoing improvement, are subject to really strict quality control tests conducted both by internal and external laboratories. In addition, they are produced in limited quantities and carefully hand-picked so that their freshness is long kept and the chance for success is as high as possible.

Since this kind of cannabis seed has some specific requirements, it's cultivated differently from feminized and regular seeds. It is super fun and easy.