Serious Seeds Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Serious Seeds feminized cannabis seeds have a well-earned reputation that is backed by thousands of positive reviews praising the quality that these strains have always proved to have. All these years of hard work have been aimed at improving its few but excellent genetics. In doing so, Serious Seeds has demonstrated that those who have a well-defined line of work and stick to it against all odds, can obtain highly satisfactory results. See more >

Virtually all Serious Seeds feminized cannabis seeds included in this collection are award-winners that offer an outstanding potency as well as really intense flavours. Among the few genetics comprised in this catalogue, there are particularly two worth a special mention: Chronic, due to her high yield and Kali Mist, for being the most Sativa. All seeds, though, have a percentage of germination close to 100% and are perfect for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

The excellent final product is the result of thorough quality control procedures that are carried out on a regular basis with all Serious Seeds marijuana seeds.

Treat yourself to a marvellous Serious Seeds feminised cannabis seed and enjoy one of these trustworthy strains that offer a remarkable high yield, boast an extraordinary potency and are sure to fit perfectly in your garden.