DNA Genetics Cannabis Seeds

DNA Genetics is a Californian cannabis seed bank that, repressed by the situation in the US, in 2003 decided to establish its headquarters in Amsterdam, a far more cannabis-friendly location. Two years later, the DNA Genetics team, led by Aaron and Don, was awarded a prize that was the starting point for a long list of trophies obtained worldwide. Ever since that moment, they have not stopped working, encouraged by their can-do spirit. See more >

DNA Genetics cannabis seeds are very popular among cannabis users who are looking for top-quality feminized, regular and autoflowering seeds. They have devoted most of their time to doing research work on medical marijuana through the experimentation with high-quality strains.

Since DNA Genetics features exclusive strains as well as limited editions, it is highly regarded by cannabis sybarites. In addition, it should be highlighted that it has won over 150 prizes in a bit more than 10 years. These awards are the result of many years of thorough work and creation of a wide variety of really appreciated and loved marijuana seeds that make DNA Genetics a worthwhile seed bank. Among the most famous strains we have Chocolope, Cannalope Haze, Cannalope Kush or LA Confidential.