DNA Genetics Regular Cannabis Seeds

DNA Genetics regular cannabis seeds belong to a collection made up of pure genetics with delicious characteristics as well as a strong potency that will surprise every single user. See more >

Within the DNA Genetics team, we will find breeders who, despite being keen on the traditional cultivation of regular seeds, due to the market demand, have been forced to focus a bit more on working with feminized seeds. Nevertheless, the unconditional supporters of regular seeds have nothing to worry about, since all their needs will be met by a high-quality product created by DNA Genetics whose efforts are still aimed at investigating and developing marvellous regular marijuana strains.

Regular strains are a great option for lovers of DNA Genetics strains that are in search of the excellent organoleptic properties that this kind of seed provides as well as for those who need to select the best samples to keep them as mother plants.

In any case, DNA Genetics regular cannabis seeds, as all its strains, undergo thorough quality control procedures before they are put on the market. That is why we can assure that this cannabis seed bank is totally trustworthy, capable of fulfilling the expectations of the most demanding users.