DNA Genetics Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

DNA Genetics autoflowering cannabis seeds live up to the quality standards offered by this seed bank since the very beginning. As a result of the outstanding work carried out by their team of professionals and thanks to their extensive experience in the field, we can now enjoy the countless advantages this kind of genetics provide. See more >

Although the number of autoflowering strains available is rather limited, DNA Genetics takes pride in offering cannabis seeds that flower in just 60 days. The fast-flowering properties and high yield of its first release filled automatic seed lovers with wonder, and, consequently, they urged the bank to keep on working with autoflowering strains. DNA Genetics then decided to release other two marijuana strains that turn out to be equally surprising.

Since this kind of cannabis seed has some specific requirements, they are cultivated differently from feminized and regular seeds. That's why, despite being rather easy to grow, their fast flowering properties, as well as their resistance, make it very important to have the appropriate knowledge and understanding in order to take care of them optimally.