DNA Genetics Feminized Cannabis Seeds

DNA Genetics feminised cannabis seeds are the crown jewel of this cannabis seed bank that holds the record for most awards won by a breeder in such a short career. The members of the DNA Genetics team have proved to be loyal to their philosophy and their efforts have thus paid off in full. See more >

Among the numerous top-notch strains that DNA Genetics puts at our disposal, we can find marvellous seeds such as LA Confidential, a virtually unbeatable strain, or Chocolope, featuring incredibly fast flowering properties as well as a stunning high-yield.

DNA Genetics feminised cannabis seeds guarantee almost 100% that female plants are to be obtained, which not only makes the cultivation process less tedious but it also helps breeders save both time and money. You will only have to germinate, sow, cultivate, harvest and enjoy the final result.

Despite the controversy that once arose in connection with feminized seeds, it has been conclusively proved, after years of positive experiences, that they offer numerous advantages. DNA Genetics puts forward an extensive collection of feminized seeds full of so rich organoleptic properties that they will turn you into a loyal supporter of this kind of marijuana plant.