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Dinafem Video: Big Kush, A Worthy Heir to the Kush Throne

  • At Dinafem we knew that we couldn’t go wrong crossing two great strains like OG Kush and Big Skunk (Critical+).
  • In fact, the resulting hybrid is a smash hit. We are talking about Big Kush, a strain with Skunk-like productivity (thanks to its Critical+ mother) along with the quality effects, taste and aromas contributed by its other progenitor.
  • A succulent mixture that constitutes a powerhouse of productivity and sensations, bound to mesmerize even the most demanding cannabis cultivator.

This Dinafem strain has already enjoyed two years of success in our catalogue. It combines the potent flavour and aroma of a legendary strain like OG Kush, known by all as the "Queen of California," and the productive capacity of another legendary strain: Critical+ (Big Bud x Skunk). This is why Big Kush lives up to its name, achieving such high yields that it has even managed to surpass it predecessors. In fact, all one has to do is grow it alongside an OG Kush to confirm that, under the right conditions, it is able to outproduce it 25-30% of the time, all without giving up any of its effects and aromatic properties.

With just one look at its structure one can understand why this is a very powerful producer. In addition to how attractive it is aesthetically (its blue and purple hues are gorgeous) and how easy it is to harvest, due to the small number of leaves it has, its growth is in the form of a cross, with very thin branches, and extremely open internodes that allow light to reach every corner of the plant. This allows large buds to bloom, less dense than those on a Kush, but loaded with resin. 

When tasting them one can appreciate how the somewhat citrusy, fruity textures typical of Critical+ are mixed with an earthy tone and some touches of pine, which mingle with the peppery notes experienced at the outset. To this must be added its powerful effect, which begins with a pleasant cerebral stimulation, followed by a deep feeling of physical relaxation, which should only take 5 to 10 minutes to set in. Then the user enjoys a high lasting about two hours, as it eases the effects of certain ailments and he feels much better.

Experts who have tried Big Kush cannot help but recommend it to lovers of Kush strains, not only because it has even more flavour than its predecessors, but because its harvests are more abundant while its quality remains fully intact.



As with OG Kush, our protagonist here is extremely easy to grow. Without much fussing (though paying close attention to how the strain comes along), growers will enjoy a medium-sized plant that is strong and features a very short flowering period, and amazing yields. Because of this growers can be spared more than a few headaches, as the risks entailed by the fall, cold and moisture are greatly minimised. 

A key factor in the cultivation of Big Kush is to employ standard, organic fertilisation, and absolutely nothing more. If you commit a mistake in this regard, the buds will not grow healthy, and will lose their medical properties.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing

Whether you cultivate Big Kush indoors or outdoors, you can get amazing results in dry, hot, sunny, temperate and Mediterranean climates, or even if growing it in a greenhouse. Of course, if you opt for indoor growing, the most experienced cultivators recommend keeping an eye on its growth, as we are dealing with a strain that grows fast and really stretches, so you will have to control how it matures to maximise the volume available, and achieve the highest yields possible in the least space.

Another factor that must be taken into account with Big Kush is that it produces a lot of limonene-type terpenes, responsible for the spectacular aroma it gives off. So, those who are growing outside will have to be careful, as indiscreet neighbours are likely to realise that one is growing at home, and may start snooping. 

Flowering and harvest

With Big Kush some of the main downsides featured by its predecessors were corrected. For example, while growing OG Kush is a bit more challenging because it features a structure characterised by very thin stems and lots of space between buds (which forces one to hold up the branches to prevent them from bending) this does not happen with its heir: Big Kush has a more compact and sturdier structure, event though it is open, in a pine shape. 

At harvest time, as it does not have too many leaves, it is very easy to manicure. And, as we have already indicated, if one is after high yields, it produces up to 600 grams per square meter indoors, and 600 to 900 grams per plant outdoors.

A trick or two 

If you like to prepare concentrates and are looking for plants rich in trichomes, some growers have found that Big Kush should be grown with LED lights and not with sodium vapour lamps. By comparing the phenotypes grown under the two lighting methods, they have detected that LEDs lead to 10-15% more trichomes, which is nothing to sneeze at.


Aroma and flavour

Undoubtedly, one of Big Kush's highlights is its complex aromatic structure. Despite its marked Kush roots, it differs from this cannabis strain because it has a fruity touch inherited from Critical+. Its strong lemon scent combines perfectly with certain touches of oil. To this we must add that some people perceive certain soft notes of earth, and even a touch of pepper. The most experienced smokers report that the best way to extract all the aromatic nuances from this strain is with a vaporiser.


However, if one wants to experience all of Big Kush's qualities, there is nothing like smoking its fruit in a joint or a pipe. We must bear in mind that we are dealing with a very potent strain here, with up to 20% of THC and a very low amount of CBD (just 0.1%), making its psychoactive power considerable. Thus, the first thing you feel when consuming it is a punch to the neurons (pleasant of course), followed by physical relaxation that will gently rock you and sweep you off to a realm of tranquillity.


  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing
  • Sex: feminized
  • Genotype: Sativa 50% / Indica 50%
  • Cross: Big Skunk x OG Kush
  • Indoor flowering period: 55-60 days
  • Outdoor harvest: Late September / early October
  • Indoor yield: 600 g/m2
  • Outdoor yield: 600-900 g/plant
  • Size outdoors: Up to 3 m
  • THC: High
  • CBD: Low

Big Kush

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