A Kush with an award-winning pedigree

The secret of Big Kush feminised cannabis seeds lies in her genes. Her origins date back to a project launched at Dinafem Seeds aimed at creating an extreme hybrid oozing balance, potency, and distinctive traits. The result is a marijuana strain with the genetic heritage of two titans: Big Skunk and OG Kush. The monster yields and marvelous lemony scent of Big Skunk, together with the amazing… Read more >
  • Indica: 50%

    Sativa: 50%

  • THC: 17-22%

    CBD: 0.01-0.2%

  • Outdoors:

    • 600-900 g/plant

    • 3 m

    • Late September / Early October

  • Indoors:

    • 600 g/m2

    • 55-60 days

  • Big Skunk
  • x
  • OG Kush

Perfect for: Kush-lovers looking for an easy-to-grow, quick and productive strain with delicious tastes and aromas.

The secret of Big Kush feminised cannabis seeds lies in her genes. Her origins date back to a project launched at Dinafem Seeds aimed at creating an extreme hybrid oozing balance, potency, and distinctive traits. The result is a marijuana strain with the genetic heritage of two titans: Big Skunk and OG Kush. The monster yields and marvelous lemony scent of Big Skunk, together with the amazing personality of OG Kush, are sure to amaze all cannabis growers who get to meet her. A cannabis delicacy for Kush fans!

  • 1st prize –Indoor category- at the 2017 Copa CABA, organised by the Argentinian Haze magazine.


Big Kush cannabis seeds turn into mid-sized/big marijuana plants that could reach 3 metres in height outdoors. Her thin branches and ample internodal spacing allows light to penetrate more easily reaching even the lowest parts. This leads to the development of pointy, heavy, thick and resinous flowers. On top of that, the scarcity of leaves makes the trimming process far easier as well, which is indeed a great asset for the cannabis grower.


Big Kush is a real monster yielder loved by commercial cannabis growers. No matter how bountiful the crop is because plants can be harvested very quickly thanks to their structure. She can produce up to 600 g/m2 indoors and 600-900 g/plant outdoors. Quantity and quality in record time and without much trouble!

Aromas and flavours

Big Kush showcases extraordinarily complex tastes and scents. Her organoleptic qualities are boosted by her limonene terpenes, making them incredibly lemony. The intense and tasty combination of lemon and oil of this hybrid is worthy of veneration.


Big Kush is a marijuana strain whose THC levels could go up to 20 %. Her effect is extremely potent, delivering very strong psychoactive sensations, but still physically and cerebrally balanced. It starts with a nice heady stimulation that turns more couch-locking as time goes by. This seed is a must-have for the collection of Kush lovers and connoisseurs who know how to appreciate and enjoy top-quality potent genetics.


Big Kush offers the chance to meet a surprising and delicious plant brimming with strength and energy. Despite her being so easy to grow, it may be necessary to keep an eye on her growth when cultivating indoors because some phenotypes tend to stretch in excess. Outdoors, the best results are obtained in dry, sunny, temperate and Mediterranean climates, or under the protection of the greenhouse. Her low resistance to moisture is made up for a short flowering period that makes her less likely to be hit by humidity-related problems. Outdoors, she’ll be ready for harvest by late September or early October, and, indoors, in some 55-60 days. Should we want to use this strain for therapeutic purposes, we’d better use organic fertilizers moderately. This way, our buds will be totally healthy. The intense aroma they give off, though, may require some good-quality anti-odour systems if we want to go unnoticed.

Characteristics of
Big Kush cannabis seeds

Genotype50% Indica / 50% Sativa
CrossBig Skunk x OG Kush
Indoor flowering55-60 days
Indoor yield600 g/m2
Outdoor harvest timeLate September / Early October
Outdoor yield600-900 g/plant
Outdoor height3 m

*Cannabinoid content (THC, CBD…) may vary depending on external factors such as the growth medium, the grower’s experience, the growing technique (SOG, SCROG…), the environmental conditions and genetic variation.

Dinalab Analysis


Total amount of cannabinoids*: 22.83%

*Cannabis contains at least 113 cannabinoids, which can be either acidic or neutral. When heated – e.g. through smoking, vaping or cooking – acidic cannabinoids decarboxylate and become neutral. This report refers only to the main cannabinoids – acidic and neutral – in this strain.

These results have been obtained by liquid chromatography coupled to a UV-visible HPLC Detector (HPLC-UV/VIS) for identifying the cannabinoids and by gas chromatography coupled to a flame ionization detector (GC-FID) for the collection of terpenes. The equipment has been previously calibrated and quality control samples were run to assure the accuracy of the results. The data shown here is the average of samples coming from several plants grown from seeds by different growers.

The data contained within this report was collected in accordance with the requirements defined by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in their Recommended Methods for the Identification and Analysis of Cannabis and Cannabis Products. We hereby attest that the information contained within the report has been reviewed for accuracy and checked against the quality control requirements for each method.

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  1. ???? Best

    5 out of 5
    Hello, I am using several types of lighting at once, 1, 500w + 1, 2m. Coconut, styrofoam, cotton wool cubes, perlite. Flow system, 5% of the fertilizer goes to the sewer. UV and IR 4 hours a day, cold blowing. Are you looking for very fast growing varieties? The best, Very Strong, Maximum resin, and fruitful. Most importantly, long colas. Since it is 1 meter high, side light. Thanks for the answer.
  2. Shipped to Canada NB

    CheckmarkA "verified" checkmark Verified purchase
    5 out of 5
    Very pleased, 100% germ rate. No issues with mail. Would buy again
  3. Rrrr

    CheckmarkA "verified" checkmark Verified purchase
    5 out of 5
    Good good
  4. Sir

    CheckmarkA "verified" checkmark Verified purchase
    5 out of 5
    Wow.....wow.....wow.....all 5 seeds popped with 1 day. Super impressed with the strain.....picture taken at 5 weeks in flower : o )
  5. big kush

    5 out of 5
    je velice kvalitni rostlina.Paradne roste ze se da pestovat i pod slabsim svetlem nez je 600kilo po sve prvni zkusenosti bych doporucil tuto odrudu kazdemu kdo zacina.O proti jakemukoliv rizku jsem mel z big kushe o mnoho vetsi radost.Mel jsem 3 ks kushe k tomu 12 rezu.Nerad bych timto nekoho urazil ale kushe bylo o mnoho vic nez z danych rezu
  6. Most beautiful strain

    5 out of 5
    This year was my first time in life to grow a plant. I selected Bog Kush. From beginning plant grow very vigorously and strong. I didn't use any fertiliser or chemicals, and also I had to cut flower in middle of 6 th week because of heavy rain in my area. It still gave me 380 grams of pure bud which are very clean and big as it's name. It is highly recommended for everyone. Thank you
  7. As advertised to a "T"

    5 out of 5
    I have had 3 strains now from dinafem and each one was completely and exactly what was advertised. The BK is no exception with a huge main cola and hell every cola was huge this strain was an amazing producer of sticky skunk funk!
  8. AWESOME!!!!

    5 out of 5
    Biggest yielding OG kush I've ever seen. Smells and tastes just like Cali OG but yields twice as much and super couchlock high. My new favorite! Dinafem does excellent work, I've run their gear for years and have never been disappointed!
  9. Incredible strain

    5 out of 5
    Just finished my first BK grow, very please with the resuls, big producer, low odour strain which in my case is a big plus... Finshed one plant in 56 days to try it out and then decided ti give it another week to the remaining 13 plants and then realized I should have taken all down at 56... The plant has a sativa profile (grows very tall) and a sativa high as well, very enjoyable, happy, go lucky kind of feeling! 100% recommended!
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