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Critical + 2.0, a strain ahead of Its time

  • Thanks to its crossing with a phenotype resistant to humidity, in Dinafem we have managed to make an evolutionary leap with one of the best-known strains in our catalogue.
  • If you have already been fascinated by Critical + because of its aroma and excellent production, get ready to discover an improved, more powerful, faster and more fragrant version of this plant that has won so many prizes throughout its history.
critical+20 principal

While many thought it was an unbeatable strain, daring often appears on the scene to remind us that nothing is impossible, even if we are dealing with genetics. In fact, this is how second-generation varieties often arise. Seeds that come to improve the previous work and beat their predecessors, not only with their flavour and aroma, but also in terms of production and potency.

Sample of this is the Critical + 2.0 feminized strain we present you in this video. A variety that comes to evolve, thanks to the contribution of a phenotype resistant to humidity, the legendary Critical +. This seed emerged in the 80's fruit of the union of a productive Afghani and a psychedelic Skunk to give rise to the one known as Big Bud, very much loved by the American cannabis lovers, that looked for its great yields and worshipped its great central bud.

In the following decade, the breeder Shantibaba managed to give another turn of the screw, coming up with Critical Mass and placing it at the top of the cannabis podium thanks to the strength of its buds. It was then that this seed landed in Spain to captivate the experts of the Basque Country, who immediately went to work seeking excellence. The first to try was a breeder from Bilbao that renamed it as Critical Bilbo, just before Dinafem came on the scene to present the world its own Critical + in 2005: a strain with a magnificent taste, very simple to cultivate, with an impressive production and a particular relaxing and narcotic effect.

If this were not enough, in Dinafem we wanted to go further and that's how the Feminized Critical + 2.0 came up, a plant that thanks to its simplicity received a great welcome from the general public, because it can even be cultivated in areas with an unfavourable climate. Regardless of where the cultivation is, both veteran and inexperienced growers have found it to be a very high-quality strain, with a short flowering period, capable of growing with strength and producing large cannabis buds.

With all these incentives, you will surely want to know a lot more about this plant that has managed to seduce cannabis growers and smokers from all corners of the planet. Let's know in detail the benefits of the Feminized Critical + 2.0.



One of the qualities that have made Critical + reach such high levels of popularity is because it is extremely simple to cultivate. And of course, its feminized version 2.0 was not going to be less. In addition, as we have said, this strain is more resistant to unfavourable climatic conditions, as it can grow healthy and strong even in those places where temperature or humidity are more extreme. Furthermore, Critical + 2.0 has been reinforced to obtain greater resistance against mould and pests. For this very reason, whether you are an amateur grower or have a long experienced behind your back, you will surely achieve very good commercial yields without too many complications.

Suitable indoors and outdoors

Regardless of whether our crop is indoors or outdoors, this Dinafem strain fits perfectly in both contexts, although in temperate or greenhouse conditions its development will be more spectacular. So much so that, when growing it outdoors, one of the advice offered by the most experienced growers is to use the SCROG technique. Indeed, we must be careful when it comes to controlling its growth, because this plant tends to stretch a lot. However, indoors this will not be a serious problem, since its thin leaves let the light bathe all corners of the Critical + 2.0, allowing it to grow in perfect conditions.

Flowering and harvesting

If something has allowed Critical + to reap the success and fame it has treasured, this is its enormous productive capacity. Holland's commercial growers were the first to make it popular, since they were the first to realise its enormous yields. Now, with this improved version, the same thing happens. So much so that during flowering it is advised to stake the branches or use a screen to prevent the stems from cracking as a consequence of the weight of the great clusters of flowers that they hold.

With a short flowering period (between 45 and 50 days indoors), we will guarantee an abundant harvest of heavy and voluminous buds with a yield of up to 700 grams/m2. At the time of harvesting, it is recommended in outdoor harvests to do so at the end of September, which will allow for up to 1300 grams/plant.

Some tricks

Those who have already grown Critical + 2.0 indoors, advise to use anti-odour filters or active carbon filters in the final stages of flowering. That way we will prevent its powerful aroma from reaching the olfactory glands of our most indiscreet neighbours, those who are prone to sticking their noses in other people's business. Thus, the use of filters can spare us some headaches by disguising its penetrating Afghan Skunk aroma.

Odour and taste

This variety is one of those whose taste corresponds perfectly with the sweet smell it produces. As soon as it reaches our palate we will discover that we are dealing with something really special, very fruity, mellow and, of course, persistent. Little by little, as we enjoy each drain, we will discover the notes of lemon, pine and species invading our mouth.


On top of that, Critical + 2.0 will not knock us down with its effect, despite it having a 20% THC content. It has a powerful but relaxing effect, which will be the ideal complement to those days when day-to-day problems accumulate. It is highly recommended to get rid of stress and relax quietly at home. Its Indica predominance will give us a mild narcotic and soothing effect, more physical than mental, providing a long and extremely comforting sensation.


  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Gender: Feminized
  • Genotype: 70% Indica / 30% Sativa
  • Crossing: Critical + x resistant phenotype Critical +
  • Flowering indoor: 45-50 days
  • Harvest outdoors: Late September
  • Yield in indoor cultivation: 700 g/m2
  • Outdoor performance: 900-1300 g/plant
  • Outdoor Size: Up to 2.5 m
  • THC: High
  • CBD: Low
Critical + 2.0

Critical + 2.0

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