new Big Kush combination potency production

A Look at the New Big Kush, a Balanced Combination That Guarantees Potency and Production

  • The new Big Kush strain is one of our launches for the 2015 season and it has been created with the aim of achieving a maximum quality combination that guarantees production levels, potency and taste for all kinds of growers.
  • As its name indicates, Big Kush stands out for its enormous level of production, but also for another series of assets that we have been able to provide the general public, with a great marijuana seed that can compete with the best champions.
new Big Kush combination potency production

Great performance as the common factor

The Big Kush variety was created from a combination between Big Skunk (Critical +) and OG Kush. We have named this seed Big Kush because Critical + (Big Bud X Skunk) is a super productive seed, therefore the name refers to a genetic strain that offers a high performance level. OG Kush is great quality; however it is lacking in that regard. As Critical + is a strain that improves the production level of practically anything that you cross it with, if we use it to pollinate Kush, the combination could be nothing other than a hybrid that is very interesting commercially in terms of production: Big Kush.

Thanks to the Skunk characteristics contributed by Critical +, (Skunk is the first strain that was created for commercial production) the hybrid has a more uniform structure, that is highly suitable for obtaining large harvests that flower quickly. With this hybrid we have obtained a really successful combination between the quality of the original Kush, with its aroma and potency, and the production levels of Critical +. Anyone that grows the original clone of OG Kush in California and puts a Big Kush seed next to it, will notice how the performance level of the latter is much greater, while it still maintains quality in terms of flavour and effect.

An improved structure to achieve this

The Critical + plant has a very uniform structure, it is like a perfect cross, the branches are fine but they can support a lot of weight, the internodes are very open so that more light can get in…in short, the structure is ideal for producing large buds full of resin. In turn, OG Kush has quite a sativa-like structure, it stretches a lot and that makes it difficult to grow. The stems are very thin and there can be a very large distance from one bud to the next. This means that unless the buds are fastened down they end up folding in.

By adding the qualities of Critical + we have managed to create an improved structure that is more commercial and a production with a more compact design, with buds arranged at more regular intervals. There is also a small amount of leaves, which makes manicuring easier and ensures that cannabis growers save a considerable amount of time. Having an OG Kush that is easy to grow and which produces a large about of buds is something that is really valued on the current cannabis market.

This is the case with Big Kush, which offers very good results outside as well as inside; especially if its growth is controlled, as it continues to stretch strongly and quickly, but making better use of the available area, thereby achieving the biggest possible production in the smallest possible space.

Flavours and aromas that complement each other

OG Kush is a strain that has a significant amount of limonene terpenes, and this explains the intense aroma that it gives off. Furthermore, it has a very strong flavour, it is very citric; and Critical + also has a powerful aroma and flavour. The result of crossing two such intense strains means that the organoleptic characteristics are strengthened: the taste continues to be very lemony, but with some orange notes which is the contribution made by Critical +, resulting in a pungent mix of citric tastes that combine very well together. All in all, Big Kush continues to have that Kush flavour, with an undercurrent of barbecue and petrol, but with a prevailing taste of lemon, and with orange notes throughout.

Big Kush is also extremely potent, with a THC level of almost 20%. It has a very low CBD level, below 0.1%. This is why its psychoactive level is so high; it begins with pleasant brain stimulation and develops into a gentle feeling of bodily relaxation that is long-lasting. This also means it has great medical properties for treating the effects of different illnesses. If you love Kush flavours and are interested in high production levels, this is a great strain of Kush marijuana; a hybrid with high production levels that we think will really surprise you.


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