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CBD and Marijuana

  • The CBD, called cannabidiol is a cannabinoid naturally found in the plant species Cannabis sativa.L or marijuana. It’s more abundant in industrials Hemp varieties. Unlike the well-known THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, the CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid and it´s use in medical applications can be very interesting since it causes an anti-inflammatory effect by inhibiting the signals related to pain. It is also known that the effects of CBD vary, by using different ratios of THC and CBD, the psychoactivity can be modulated.
cbd marijuana

CBD and Medicine 

The range of applications of CBD in medicine is very diverse; it can lower intraocular pressure, reduces tremors, help with insomnia – since it is a muscle relaxant–, and unlike THC, it can be used as a potent antipsychotic and anxiolytic.

Canadian authorities pioneers in the use of CBD, approved the use of « Sativex » in 2005. Sativex is an alcoholic solution in a mouth spray form , that helps relieving pain caused by multiple sclerosis, and other degenerative diseases. This drug produced by GW Labs contains both THC and CBD in a 1 :1 ratio. Today it is prescribed in countries like Germany, Sweden, Austria, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic...

CBD extracts

At room temperature, Cannabidiol or CBD is a colourless, crystalline, water-insoluble solid. CBD is soluble in organic solvents such as ethanol, acetone or methanol. During the 1960’s several research groups have succeeded in isolating and synthesizing the CBD molecule. CBD Creams and CBD extracts can be beneficial for conditions like arthritis or even epilepsy.

Cannabis with a high percentage of CBD:

CBD production is managed by the genetic code of the Cannabis plant. All Cannabis plants are not able to produce cannabidiol in a rich quantity, that’s why the medicinal values of these rich-CBD strains are yet a bit stronger.

In recent years and after having learnt the benefits of combining CBD and THC in the right percentage, several seed banks have worked looking for hybrids plants with high CBD levels and lower THC, thus achieving the 1:1 ratio between CBD and THC.

Obtaining thus,a medicinal kind of cannabis, not “to get high”, but as a therapeutic plant with desired beneficials effects, without or with a litlle psychoactivity.

The renowned CBD CREW group, in collaboration with DINAFEM, has created two new hybrid strains, constantly looking for the CBD-THC 1:1 ratio. These varieties are going to be extremely appreciated by consumers looking for a therapeutic cannabis, without a consequent cerebral activity enhancement.

These new varieties introduced by Dinafem with a 1:1 CBD-THC ratio are :

People searching for therapeutics strains will be, for sure, satisfied by the plenty therapeutics properties of those new rich CBD hybrids.

These varieties will be available February 2014.


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