Dinafem heart africa

Dinafem Seeds ... somewhere in the heart of Africa

  • In this video we visit a greenhouse located in a remote corner of Africa where Dinafem Seeds genetics exhibit some impressive growth.
  • Specifically, there are different plants of Deep Cheese, Moby Dick and Strawberry Amnesia, three of our most popular strains, which, under the intense rays of the southern sun, achieve optimal production and quality levels.
Dinafem heart africa

In a faraway part of Africa, amidst the black sands of a semi-desert landscape, stands a greenhouse erected using artisanal methods. Inside, like a kind of paradise on earth, dozens of huge cannabis plants, about to be harvested, greet the visitor, in perfect harmony, with shiny buds bursting with resin, some of which even bend under the weight of the flowers.

Between the slats that divide up the greenhouse, as one makes his way between the supporting meshes and plastics, he finds different Dinafem Seeds genetics, struggling for space and light at the peak of their life cycles, just waiting to be harvested.

Among them one finds different plants born of our Deep Cheese strain, a genetic that thrives when grown outdoors in warm climates, and also in greenhouses, as a plant that grows very strong, blooms very fast, and produces tell-tale elongated, very sticky and huge buds. Upon opening the door one is overcome by a penetrating aroma that fills the room with intense notes of Skunk, old cheese and incense.

In another section of the greenhouse we find huge plants of our Moby Dick strain, an ultra-productive genetic and, without any doubt, the largest plants to be found in the shared space. This is marijuana genetic that is surprisingly sturdy, features a short flowering period, and buds that are large, heavy and full of resin. It is also well suited to cultivation in hot weather, or the comfort of a greenhouse, as can be seen in these images.

With the Moby Dick, given its breakneck growth speed, cultivation works best with fewer plants per square meter, giving them more space for them to develop their full potential. It also requires plenty of quality substrate, and a generous supply of water and nutrients. This, combined with an ideal climate, like Africa's, results in very leafy and robust plants with strong, thick branches that can grow 3 meters high and produce up to 1,500 g. of shiny, resin-coated buds, even appearing on stems and the edges of leaves.

Last but not least, in this greenhouse we can also see the Strawberry Amnesia strain, a hybrid that yields bountiful, high-quality harvests, and incredibly fast. With thin and elongated leaves of a beautiful dark green, Strawberry Amnesia stretches hard looking for the light, but does not develop thin flowers like a standard Sativa does, but rather ultra-thick flowers that resemble genuine towers of chalices.

These buds are impressively large, with shorter internodes between buds, stronger branches, and a compact structure that makes the Strawberry Amnesia a commercially very convenient strain that, in short, flourishes under the searing sun.

As you can see from the pictures, in a shared greenhouse this crop takes full advantage of the African climate, yielding an extraordinarily productive and high-quality crop. And, thanks to the wise selection of Dinafem genetics, the results are remarkable. What other Dinafem strains could be used for this purpose and under similar growing conditions? We'll let you know soon. Look out for our next video from our visit to Africa!


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