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These are the 5 best CBD-rich cannabis seeds

  • CBD-rich seeds have revolutionized the cannabis market thanks to their multiple medicinal benefits, as well as their appreciated qualities for recreational use.
  • CBD's properties open a door towards a more sustainable, balanced way of consuming cannabis, which avoids the powerful psychoactive effect of THC-rich versions.
  • As each user has their own particular needs, below you will find a list of the best CBD-rich seeds so that you can find out which one can suit you best.
Early Amnesia CBD GrowReport

CBD or cannabidiol acts as an antagonist of THCcounteracting the psychoactive effect of the cannabinoid and minimising its side-effects (tachycardia, altered perception, hunger, dry mouth). In addition, CBD has many therapeutic properties which can help to fight problems such as insomniastress, chronic pain, and even more serious illnesses such as epilepsy, or it can help to alleviate the spasticity caused by multiple sclerosis.

The reduction of the psychoactive effect caused by CBD is a quality that is highly appreciated by the medicinal user, but also by recreational users who prefer to enjoy a milder and more pleasant effect, compatible with their daily activity. To give an example, if we compare it with alcohol, instead of having a glass of whiskey, consuming cannabis rich in CBD is like enjoying a refreshing beer.

The market is seeing the arrival of many new CBD-rich versions which enable a consumption that does not slow down or block the user during their daily activities. New varieties which, in addition, combine the benefits of cannabidiol with other characteristics of the most highly appreciated strains around the world.

Each cannabis strain has its own distinctive features, the choice of which is ultimately down to the user's personal taste. Read on to find out which CBD seed is best suited to each user type:

OG Kush CBD: for gourmets

If you are one of those people who like to slowly savour each hit, trying to identify all the notes contained in a complex flavour combination, then OG Kush CBD may be exactly what you're looking for. This variety comes from a cross between the Californian OG Kush and our elite CBD line. We wanted to highlight this version because it maintains the incomparable aromatic exoticism of its American parent, combined with the benefits of CBD.

Thus, we have the most sought-after flavour in California, adapted to users who want less powerful effects that are more compatible with their daily life.

OG Kush has become famous, particularly in the USA, due to its exquisite fragrance, a mixture of lemon and gasoline which combines Sativa and Indica flavours. A particular perfume that has made it the number one marijuana plant in the United States market.

Thanks to its high CBD percentage, in OG Kush CBD the powerful psychoactive effects of the original plant have been mitigated while maintaining just enough of an intoxicating effect so that users can enjoy a controllable and satisfactory experience. In addition, by partially inheriting the Sativa dominance of the mother, it reaches a considerable height and maintains the languid appearance of its parent.

The ideal CBD-rich strain for those who enjoy top-quality flavour combinations.


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Dinamed CBD Plus: the highest CBD content

With a CBD content of up to 20%, Dinamed CBD Plus is the perfect choice for users looking for trichomes dripping with cannabidiol. Those who want to enjoy the effects of THC, however, should know that THC levels are less than 1%. In return, the strain is particularly suitable for medical use, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of CBD without the side effects of THC.

Visually, this Sativa-dominant hybrid is a feast for the eyes, particularly during the last weeks of flowering, when the leaves take on purple hues if night temperatures are 10 ºC cooler than during the dayDinamed CBD Plus is also a heavy yielder, rewarding growers with bigger crops than its predecessor Dinamed CBD in return for very little care - cannabidiol-packed buds that give off a sweet, fruity citrus aroma that is more intense than in the previous version.

Dinamed CBD Plus is highly appreciated also by recreational users that enjoy the flavour of cannabis but would rather not get high, or simply by people looking to relax, as CBD induces a pleasant feeling of calm that helps release the stress accumulated during the day, setting the mood for a good night's sleep.

Dinamed CBD Plus

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Dinamed CBD Autoflowering: the easiest, fastest way to high CBD

After creating Dinamed CBDthe first feminised, pure CBD strain to have ever been stabilised, we realised that the seed was highly demanded not only by medical but also by recreational users interested in high-free, complex-flavoured cannabis. As a result, we created an autoflowering version that made CBD more easily available to all types of growers, irrespective of their available time and space -a tiny balcony is enough to obtain buds with 14% CBD and less that 1% THC in just 70 days.

Dinamed CBD Autoflowering is a medium-sized, compact, bushy plant that, even in good growing conditions, rarely grows to over a metre, being perfect for urban growers seeking speed and discretion.

Easy to grow, this is the plant with the highest CBD content in our assortment of autoflowering strains. Plus, the aroma hides a surprise, as contrary to most CBD-rich strains, the buds are sweet and fruity rather than orangey.

Ideal for growers looking for crops packed with cannabidiol in record time.

Dinamed CBD Autoflowering

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Industrial Plant Autoflowering CBD: for those seeking speed, high yields and a moderate potency

With a complete life cycle of 70 days from germination, this CBD-rich autoflowering version of Industrial Plant is one of our fastest CBD-rich genetics. It maintains the productive and aromatic qualities of its mother, but thanks to a THC and CBD ratio of 1:2 (5 and 10% respectively), the effect is moderate and highly pleasurable.

An amazing plant that will enable you to have an abundant harvest of delicious resinous buds in record time. Autoflowering speed combined with a high yield and with the beneficial effects of CBD, three qualities which, together, make Industrial Plant Autoflowering CBD a great discovery.

We recommend this strain for therapeutic use, as it can help to alleviate joint pain and fight insomnia and stress. In addition, thanks to its high content in CBD, this version is adequate for those who wish to avoid the intense psychoactive effect that THC can produce, but who want to enjoy the pleasure of cannabis while still being able to carry out their normal day-to-day activities.

If you are looking forward to trying this new way of consuming cannabis, without a doubt this is the choice that will help you save time.

Industrial Plant Autoflowering CBD

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Early Amnesia CBD: the most productive

The undisputed queen of productivity, this new version obtained by crossing our Original Amnesia and a CBD Auto will be your best choice if you need to stock your pantry quickly and easily. The strain is aimed at Sativa lovers seeking maximum yields in the shortest possible time, as thanks to its autoflowering parentage, this hybrid is ready for harvest one week earlier than regular plants.

But don't get misled by its "early" nature, as if growing conditions are favourable, this little wonder will surprise you with heavy yields of resinous buds rich in cannabidiol. Definitely, the best way to enjoy Holland's most popular flavour without the overwhelming potency of its sister, which many users fin unpleasant or too intense, even causing memory loss.

If you are in this group and what you want is to enjoy a calmer sensation, this new version cannot make it any easier.

Early Amnesia CBD

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