growing cannabis discreetly

The 7 Keys to Growing Cannabis Discreetly

  • If you're thinking about getting started growing cannabis indoors, it’s a good idea to take certain steps to guarantee that your grow room is discreet.
  • Although the new public safety law permits cultivation for personal use that is not in public view, it is still advisable for you to proceed with your "herbaceous" activities in the most discreet manner possible.
  • Remember that marijuana plants have a very distinctive and penetrating aroma, so if you don’t want your crops to become the talk of the neighbourhood, you must take this fact into account.
  • Besides the smell, there are other elements that can give your secret garden away. Here we present the 7 keys to keep your plants from being noticed. Read on.
growing cannabis discreetly

1. Mask the smell

As mentioned above, the cannabis plant has a powerful, distinctive aroma, which during the flowering phase intensifies, and if you don't take action it is very easy for its fragrance to waft through the walls of your grow room. One factor that you should take into account in this regard is the kind of genetic that you are going to grow. It is for good reason that there are some strains, like Cheese and Critical + 2.0, belonging to the "Skunk" family, strains featuring a strong, characteristic smell that must be taken into account. Depending on the location of your crop (if you have wall-to-wall neighbours), you might want to think about avoiding these types of plants.

It is very important to install a good carbon filter and check it periodically to ensure that it is functioning properly so that the air coming out of your grow room does not smell of cannabis. You must also keep in mind that these filters don´t last forever, and if your crop is close to your neighbours, we recommend changing them every year.

2. Change your clothes

The pungent smell of cannabis impregnates fabrics, so you should not go out wearing the same clothes you wore while working on your crops. Use plastic gloves without powder for your hands, so that the odours and resin don't stick to them.

3. Unwanted noise

This is a factor that often is often overlooked, but that may arouse suspicion. If you fill your grow room with devices like fans, pumps and hydraulic systems, you should be aware that they will emit a constant buzz. Even if the noise is not too loud, its persistence can alert your neighbours if your walls are too thin, or if it can be heard through windows or doors. Thus, you should carefully consider the room you choose for your growing.

When you place your extractor, keep in mind that if you put it on a piece of furniture (table, wardrobe, etc.), its slight hum will filter through the building's structure and be more noticeable. We recommend that you hang it with rubber bands, which will absorb the vibration.

4. Stay on good terms with your neighbours

We know that it's not always easy to get along with everyone who lives in your building or on your street. But if you plan on growing indoors, it is advisable to have good, or at least cordial, relationships with your neighbours. Cannabis plants are still very socially stigmatised, and not all people view it the way you do. So, a friendly relationship is the best way to avoid misunderstandings, and to generate some level of rapport, so that if your neighbours are ever bothered by the smell or noise from your growing, they will let you know in an amiable way.

5. Be discreet with your trash

If you leave garbage bags open and in sight, this can be like hanging a neon sign telling everyone that you have cannabis crops. Empty cans of fertiliser, used bags of substrate, and even the soil you discard when you are done growing can arouse suspicions.

6. Your growing location

In most cases growers use a room or closet in their own home, this being the most common practice for several reasons. One of them is the convenience of not having to go anywhere. In addition, proximity allows the grower greater oversight; with indoor cultivation (especially when one has little experience) it is important to regularly monitor one's plants to make sure that everything is all right, as an error can be more costly than when growing outdoors. In this regard, if you cannot or do not want to grow in your own home, and choose to do so elsewhere, try not to arouse suspicions.

7. Golden rule: Don't tell anyone!

"The first rule of Fight Club is not to talk about Fight Club" ... so simple and yet so difficult. It´s so hard for us to keep our traps shut! The old "Don't tell anyone, I'm only going to tell you" is a sure way for the news to spread like wildfire. If you don´t want anybody to know that you have a cannabis crop, the best thing to do is not tell anyone. 


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