10 cannabis strains every grower should try a

10 marijuana strains every grower should try

  • Cannabis plants come in all forms but very few turn out to be life-changing for growers and users.
  • This is why we are presenting you with a guide on the 10 marijuana strains every grower should try at least once, including some of the icons that have influenced many new generation hybrids.
  • Because you need to caress a slender, resinous Amnesia, be overwhelmed by a Moby Dick’s grandeur and achieve total relaxation with a Critical + before you can understand cannabis growers’ passion, we encourage you to take this guide seriously and to empirically verify its accuracy.
10 cannabis strains every grower should try a

Moby Dick, a cult cannabis strain for obvious reasons

This large, highly-productive plant that yields tight, fungus-resistant buds with an unmistakable Haze and incense aroma was named "Girl Of The Year" by Soft Secrets, after what this Dinafem Girl has won countless awards at different cannabis cups.

When Dinafem's breeder King Kush ventured to cross a White Widow, born to a 1997 elite clone, with a Haze, little did he know he was creating a cannabis strain that would soon become a cult plant and a benchmark in the international cannabis scene. He was not surprised, though, that the outstanding genetics employed in the cross, the incredible yield and the extraordinary potency of this cannabis seed gave way to a vigorous, fast-flowering, easy-to-grow marijuana plant with large, heavy buds brimming with resin.

Don't beat around the bush, go to the bud of the Moby Dick

Moby Dick

Feminised Seeds

Moby Dick XXL Auto, an autoflowering version for demanding growers

This outstanding, well-rounded, potent cannabis strain yields amazing amounts of flowers and resin considering she is an autoflowering. Dinafem's breeders created this genetics for those who seek abundant, fast crops without compromising quality. And judging by the experience of growers, they were more than successful in their attempt.

Don't beat around the bush, go to the bud of the Moby Dick XXL Auto

Moby Dick XXL Autoflowering

Autoflowering Seeds

White Widow, the grandeur of an elite clone

White Widow has been a reference for cannabis lovers for over 20 years, which is no accident considering her recognized relaxing and therapeutic properties. This is a wonderful, easy-to-grow, hardy, vigorous marijuana plant that flowers fast and produces dense buds brimming with resin, which is much more abundant than in other strains.

Used in many breeding projects, this is a classic amongst classics, the kind of strain even non-users know about.

Don't beat around the bush, go to the bud of the White Widow.

White Widow

Feminised Seeds

Critical +, the Skunk pride of Dinafem Seeds

Critical + DinafemCritical + is one of the most popular cannabis plants with both indoor and outdoor growers. It was said to be a passing fad, but over the years she has established herself as one of growers' favourites. Her skunk base make her a highly aromatic and resinous plant, yielding great amounts of large, tight buds in record time. She is also very easy to trim. Dinafem's Critical stands out from the rest for her yield, her quality and her reliability, it is no coincidence she is our most popular strain.

Critical + was awarded first prize at the Buenos Aires Cata Copa de Cultivadores Cannábicos 2016 in the "Outdoor Growing" category and second prize at the Marina Baixa Cup 2010, the Indoor Sativa Cup Bitox 2009, the Outdoor Sativa Cup Bitox 2009, the Valencia THC Cup and the Canaries Summer Cup 2011.

Don't beat around the bush, go to the bud of the Critical +.

Critical +

Feminised Seeds

Critical + 2.0, commitment to self-improvement

Critical + 2.0 is the result of the commitment to self-improvement only true champs show. In fact, when you aim at beating the rest, improvement is the only way. And this is exactly the case of Critical +. Not content with being Dinafem's most acclaimed seed, she has given way to yet another Top 5 of the firm: Critical + 2.0. Obtained by crossing a Critical + and a moisture-resistant phenotype, this seed is an improved version of our Critical +.

Don't beat around the bush, go to the bud of the Critical + 2.0.

Critical + 2.0

Critical + 2.0

Feminised Seeds

Original Amnesia, the first feminised elite Amnesia in the market

There are plenty of Original Amnesia, but only one can claim to have been the first feminized Original Amnesia in the cannabis market: Dinafem's Original Amnesia. Our breeders gave their all to accomplish such an impressive feat, because even if there are some other feminized Amnesias, none derive from the original plant that emerged on the Dutch market in 1994, being repeatedly awarded since that moment (16 first prizes at High Life Cannabis Cup in the "Hydro Haze" and "Bio Haze" categories).

Her unique flavour and aroma and her interesting yield made her the centre of attention of Dutch coffee shops. Those who have grown her are familiar with the vigour only this slender, easy-to-grow marijuana plant can provide.

Don't beat around the bush, go to the bud of the Original Amnesia.

Original Amnesia

Feminised Seeds

Early Amnesia CBD, the Dutch muse accessible to all

With this plant, the team of breeders of Dinafem has achieved what seemed impossible: marketing a sativa that keeps all the traits of its kind but with a faster flowering and a gentler high.

Making Amnesia's effect accessible to all consumers was something that needed to be done, and with this CBD-rich version Dinafem has exceeded all expectations. The plant takes users' sensations to another level but in a more controlled way than her predecessor. On top of that, she is easier to grow than Original Amnesia.

Don't beat around the bush, go to the bud of the Early Amnesia CBD.

Early Amnesia CBD

CBD Seeds

OG Kush, the most popular girl in California

OG Kush is one of the most popular strains in the cannabis industry, a true legend largely welcomed by the masses and whose demand is hitting record levels. Her resinous buds are second to none, something the ones who have grown her know well. And the ones who haven't, should wait now more, her amazing lemon and oil flavour and her outstanding potency won't let them down.

Dinafem's OG Kush was awarded the third prize at the Cannamex Cup 2015 (Mérida, Extremadura) in the "Best Indoor Cannabis Seed" category and Flavour of the Year 2014 by Softscrets Spain.

Don't beat around the bush, go to the bud of the OG Kush.

OG Kush

Feminised Seeds

Bubba Kush, the world's most beloved Indica

This American legend is probably one of the best indicas in the world, not for nothing is she one of the 10 most renowned seeds in the US. In Dinafem's case, she derives from our Pre'98 Bubba Kush elite clone, growing into an outstanding, easy-to-grow, fast-flowering, small marijuana plant that develops large buds covered in resin. Her generous yields delight beginner and expert growers alike, but if there is something Dinafem's Bubba Kush stands out for, that is her amazing resin production.

Don't beat around the bush, go to the bud of the Bubba Kush.

Bubba Kush

Feminised Seeds

Industrial Plant, the best choice for commercial production

Delivering high-quality, bumper crops, Dinafem's Industrial Plant is a very commercial strain and a great choice for commercial purposes. She grows into an amazing, easy-to-grow marijuana plant that flowers fast and produces impressive yields if grown in optimum conditions, definitely living up to her name.

Don't beat around the bush, go to the bud of the Industrial Plant. 

Industrial Plant

Feminised Seeds


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    I just start to grow and Iam very excited to see the fruits of my labour and stop buying from people who don't know how to grow.right now I have just to learn aboutit

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