Six Keys to The Perfect Harvest

  • Harvest time: that delicate moment in the life of every grower when he must face his demons, resist the urge to get his hands on those succulent buds of cannabis, take a deep breath, and carry out the process correctly. Otherwise, all the work he has done, over the course of months, could be scuttled.
  • There are several factors that will influence, negatively or positively, the taste, aroma and effects of your cannabis, but don't worry.
  • If you're taking your first steps in the cultivation of marijuana plants, we have got key six essential bits of advice for a perfect harvest.
  • Read on.

1. Choose the best time

As we explained in a previous post, choosing the optimal time to harvest your cannabis plants is essential. There are several factors, such as the weather or certain pests and/or fungi, that can make it expedient to move up your harvest, just as there are certain personal preferences that may make it advisable to delay it a bit. However, if there are no external factors spurring you to alter the harvest time, it is best to cut your cannabis plants when:

  • Their resin production has peaked
  • The flowers have stopped growing
  • The secondary leaves have begun to lose colour, and most of the main leaves have fallen
  • Observing the trichomes with a magnifying glass, most of them are milky white, and some are amber

2. Have the right material all ready

Before cutting your cannabis crops, make sure you have the proper materials to manicure them. Choose a comfortable and discreet space (it's not a good idea for your neighbours to see you pruning your cannabis plants). Note that, depending on the number of plants you are going to harvest, this task could take hours, so make sure the chair and table you are going to use are comfortable. Here is a list of the necessary materials:

  • A good pair of scissors will be of great help. We recommend self-retracting scissors for manicuring and pruning
  • Powder-free latex gloves
  • Thin line (like that used to hang clothes)

3. Prepare the drying space

Choose the room where you are going to dry your cannabis plants in advance, as this process will impact the final quality of your harvest. Ideally, the space should meet these requirements.

  • Aeration: make sure the space is at least adequately ventilated.
  • Discretion: choose a private space, or install an odour filtering system for pruning and drying, as this is when the smell of your cannabis is most intense. You don´t want to let the whole neighbourhood know that you've just harvested your cannabis plants.
  • Temperature: try to use a place where the temperature does not rise over 27 degrees, above which some cannabinoids begin to degrade.
  • Lighting: As far as possible, try to keep the drying room dark, as prolonged exposure to light will damage the THC.
  • Humidity: a very humid drying space may lead to the development of mould and mildew, which can ruin your whole crop. Thoroughly clean your room before placing your plants in it, and try to keep it free of moisture.

4. Cut your plants first thing in the morning

The ideal time for harvesting is in the morning, or, if you are growing indoors, when the lamps go on, as resin production intensifies at night.

5. Cut your cannabis plants from the base, one by one.

Cutting all your plants and then leaving them lying there waiting to be manicured makes no sense. Some people prefer to harvest whole plants and put them to dry, while others choose to do it branch by branch. There is no rule in this regard. It's a question of personal preference

6. Follow a method that optimises the manicure process.

We recommend you follow this order:

  • First, remove the large leaves
  • Manicure the buds

You can remove the large leaves before cutting the plant so that it remains standing and it´s easier to work with, or after, as you prefer.


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