The Cannabis Manifesto: a Plea for Medical Cannabis with the Soul of a 'Best Seller'

  • Its author is the activist Steve DeAngelo, who aims to eliminate unjustified stereotypes about cannabis, at least among the American public. In addition, he wants the reader to reconsider its opinion on grass and he provides scientific evidence of its benefits in the therapeutic field.

Starting this week, anyone can get The Cannabis Manifesto: A New Paradigm for Wellness, a book that calls for changing the current situation of marijuana, especially in the therapeutic field. He wants to offer compelling reasons for anyone to understand grass as a key element in social welfare and, therefore, something we must go for.

Its author is the activist Steve DeAngelo, the founder of the largest medical dispensary in the world, who tries to make the readers think and reconsider what they believe they know about cannabis. This work responds to the essential questions about the plant and is based on scientific research to evaluate its biological, mental and spiritual effects on humans.

According to DeAngelo, the ban has affected institutions as cherished as family, work, medical centres and the courts themselves. Therefore, in his book he calls for a realistic policy for a product that, at least in America, has occasionally been consumed by half of the citizens; a product that also serves as a medicine to many Americans and people from other parts of the world and demonstrates its effectiveness every day against various diseases.

In the cannabis sector this project is thought to arrive at the right time to remove unjustified stereotypes, as the North American country is making strides toward legalization. Furthermore, it has been predicted that 2016 will be the best time in its history to reform cannabis regulation, so works like this one contribute to understand more easily and convincingly why rulers can no longer ignore a plant that will mark the future.


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