autoflowering cannabis marijuana outdoor home

The best autoflowering marijuana varieties for growing at home

  • Spring is here at last, the season for growing outdoors has started and growers are busy choosing the best genetics for their crop. Autoflowering cannabis seeds are an excellent option because they combine speed and discretion with quality.
  • While with regular or feminised seeds we have to wait until the end of the season for the harvest (September or October depending on the variety), auto varieties are ready in about two and a half months. This can even make it possible to have several harvests between April and October.
autoflowering cannabis marijuana outdoor home

The characteristic speed of automatic marijuana seeds is thanks to their Ruderalis heritage, a variety originally from very cold regions (Russia and Siberia), which goes through its complete cycle and flowers regardless of the photoperiod it is growing in. However, the more hours of sunlight the plant receives and the more intense, the better its yield. Another advantage is that this type of seed is perfect for crops where discretion is a priority, as they seldom grow taller than a metre.

Now that you know about the advantages of this type of seed, it's time to choose which one suits your tastes and needs the best. Today there are a wide variety of autoflowering versions and choosing the one we want to grow can even be overwhelming. To make it easy, we've chosen four strains which due to their spectacular features have become the most demanded in our catalogue. Four indisputable queens that will be the delight of the most demanding growers. So here are our recommendations.

Critical + 2.0 Auto

"Dinafem's most requested autoflowering"

Without a doubt, this variety is the most pungent in our collection of autoflowering seeds. Critical +2.0 Auto has the strongest, best achieved and most rounded aroma of our automatic varieties, a daring mixture of skunk and cheap perfume with a delicious hint of alcohol. Undoubtedly, the autoflowering sister of the Critical +2.0 faithfully reproduces the spectacular flavour of the original variety.

Its peculiar fragrance and impressive ability to produce abundant harvests of tight, thick, orange-tinted buds have made it the best-selling seed in our catalogue. If you are one of those who look for intensity in each puff, this is undoubtedly for you: good yield, fast growth and incomparable flavour.

Critical + 2.0 Autoflowering

Autoflowering Seeds

Moby Dick XXL Auto

"Mind-blowing monster yields in record time"

The autoflowering replica of our legendary Moby Dick lives up to its name by developing large plants with an impressive yield. The productive capacity of this variety makes it especially appreciated by many consumers who want to enjoy the advantages of autoflowering varieties without sacrificing an abundant harvest. So if what you want is to fill up your cupboard with succulent, resinous buds, this plant is definitely for you.

This genetic variety produces a large amount of thick buds that also have an exquisite flavour. Its aroma of pinewood with a hint of sweet Indica is refined and intense. Highly potent, a brutal yield and an exquisite flavour. This autoflowering plant is, without a doubt, one of the most highly esteemed jewels in our catalogue.

Moby Dick XXL Autoflowering

Autoflowering Seeds

Haze XXL Auto

"Fast lane to the real Hazy taste"

Haze XXL Auto is the most powerful of all our autoflowering varieties. And we don't just know this because we've experienced its powerful effects ourselves, but because the analyses in our laboratory reveal that at 17%, it has the highest percentage of THC of our entire collection of automatic plants.

This powerful hybrid is the result of crossing an autoflowering Haze 2.0 with an elite clone of the legendary Jack Herer. Without a doubt, this is a variety created for the most daring users. Its powerful psychoactive effect can even be too strong for occasional consumers or for those who do not want such an intense high. This spectacular plant combines the euphoric effect that characterises the Haze varieties of marijuana with a good yield of hard and very tight buds.

If you are one of those who enjoys cannabis with high psychoactive power, this is your seed: a powerful and long-lasting effect with a pleasant Haze flavour that stays on the palate and a delicious aroma of incense with hints of pine and wood.

Haze XXL Autoflowering

Autoflowering Seeds

Fruit Auto

"The sweetest and fruitiest beauty, now at light speed"

The fastest of the fast, this variety of cannabis, one of the most veteran in our catalogue, is small but powerful. In just two months after its germination you can enjoy the dense and resinous buds of this plant that is small in size but very vigorous, ideal for indoor gardens in small spaces; for that balcony, terrace or garden where you never thought you could grow a fast, discrete crop.

Fruit Auto is an Indica-dominant variety that is the result of the union between a Lowryder#1, a Dinafem#1 and a Grapefruit. A variety that guarantees a small-sized, fast and easily-grown plant that is highly adequate for growers of all levels, as it requires a minimal amount of attention. Its short flowering period produces quality harvests with dense buds full of resin.

It's the perfect plant if you have little space and you want to enjoy the discretion and immediacy of the autoflowering varieties. Its fruity, sweet perfume with pleasant hints of red berries make it, in addition, a true pleasure for the senses. Last of all, don't let its small size deceive you, because its effect is powerful and long-lasting, ideal for a peaceful rest.

Fruit Autoflowering

Autoflowering Seeds

Amnesia Auto CBD

"Controlled Effect, Speed and Discretion"

Its incredible taste, production capacity, easy cultivation and vigour have made the Amnesia genetic the most sought-after in one of the world's great cannabis meccas: the Netherlands. If we add to this its very powerful psychoactive effect, we are dealing with one of the truly great cannabis dynasties, also recognisable for its delicious scent of lemony Haze.

However, there are people for whom the powerful effect of this plant is too intense, so they prefer a milder, more controlled experience. Why should they have to give up its exquisite taste? With these users in mind, we created Amnesia CBD, which maintains all the traits of its mother, Original Amnesia, but with her THC-related effects reduced, thanks to higher levels of CBD.

Amnesia Autoflowering CBD

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Cheese Auto CBD

"The Queen of England, in a fast-growing and smoother format"

This genetic combines the amazing qualities of the legendary Cheese with the speed of autoflowering plants and the moderate effect of CBD, for a winning combination that will delight lovers of Skunk strains. The legendary Cheese has earned a well-deserved place in the cannabis canon thanks to its strong cheese scent, a very particular and intense flavour that has definitely become this strain's most distinctive feature.

A fragrance praised by maverick palates that, along with other qualities, such as its stability and homogeneous production, have made it a very reliable classic. A winning choice by many growers around the world, and a darling of British growers. The automatic version of CBD Cheese is, therefore, a dream come true for us, a genuine queen that produces crops with the sharpest of scents

Cheese Autoflowering CBD

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  1. 5 out of 5
    I've grown the Haze XXL and the Amnesia XXL outdoors. They both produced lots of great buds. The Amnesia XXl is my favorite for the flavor. I start them in cowpots next month on a warming pad under LED light. I transplant them outdoors a few weeks later into compost and they don't even show any shock from transplant with the cowpots. Roots grow right through them. Both of these from Dinafem get about 3-4 feet tall. Highly reccommend.
  2. 4 out of 5
    Great read! A must If your searching for particular qualities in the automatic offerings.

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