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What are autoflowering marijuana seeds?

  • Autoflowering, automatic, auto. All of them are related to marijuana seeds that begin to bloom automatically according to their age, regardless of the duration of the photoperiod (hours of light) to which it is exposed.
  • Let's learn on this post about the features, benefits and ways to grow some autoflowering cannabis plants. 
Blueberry Cookies Dinafem Seeds Indoor

Autoflowering, automatic or auto cannabis seeds are all referred to the same kind of genetics: those which have in their DNA the genetics known as Ruderalis. These are strains that come from areas with extreme weather conditions such as the south of Siberia, the north of Kazakhstan or Russia. The main feature of this genetics is its extremely fast flowering speed and that the flowering does not rely on the photoperiod, but it occurs naturally once the plant is mature enough.

Autoflowering seeds produce plants that flower once they reach maturity and are not affected by external conditions. This tends to coincide with the development of the seventh node, after a growing period of about 3-5 weeks. When the plant reaches some 20-25 days of life it evidences the first signs of flowering. 

Feautures of autoflowering cannabis seeds

Cannabis autoflowering seeds are true survivors. They're fast and easy growing. Why? Because as these genetics were born in very tough environments they've come to become a very strong and resistant race. 

  • Fast: their comprehensive life cycles go from 60 to 90 days.
  • Easy to grow: as the flowering does not rely on the photoperiod, we don't have to be worrying about how many hours of light they're receiving when they're outdoor and just make sure that they are receiving some good quantity of light for them to make the process.
  • Resistance: their Ruderalis heritage gave them some very resistant genes to outdoor problems.

Benefits of autoflowering cannabis seeds

The autoflowering cannabis seeds present some benefits compared to feminised cannabis seeds. These are: 

  • They're able to grow better than feminised plants when the weather is cold: as they're more resistant they perform well when they're exposed to low temperatures.
  • They're faster than feminised seeds: their comprehensive life cycles, from the germination of the seed to the harvest of the plant, go from 60 to 90 days. 
  • They're easier to grow that other kind of genetics: they are a great choice for novice cannabis growers because, due to their short life cycle, they're rarely affected by moisture, pests or fungi. 
  • They're more discret than bigger plants: autoflowering cannabis seeds are highly recommended to grower using balconies or terraces, or small spaces as their height is controllable because they're smaller plants than other kind of strains. 

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