Fruit Autoflowering

Fruit Autoflowering

Dinafem - Autoflowering

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Fruit Autoflowering includes Grapefruit genetics in order to achieve more flavour, resin and production, as well as, a more intense effect.

In addition, it is larger than other automatics and flowers in only 60 to 65 days top and produces abundant sweet-smelling resin.

Fruit Autoflowering is a dense plant with thick Indica leaves. Buds as sticky as honey. Thick glittering crystals of resin and the smell that produces, makes it a must for cannabis cultivators and enthusiasts.

It is a variety that stands cold weather fairly well.

We recommend, planting towards the last week of May, in order to harvest the last week of July, and in this way achieve unbeatable results.

  • Very tasty.
  • Effect; strongly sedative.
  • Average producer.


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resa ottima

è una pianta che coltivo con piacere e facilità.molto veloce max 70 giorni,produzione elevata se posta a 20/4 per tutto il ciclo oltre i 40g secchi,sub preferibilmente cocco misto terra con perlite,30%terriccio 60 cocco e 10% perlite,controllare il ph e tenerlo sempre a 6.2,pianta spiccatamente sativa e consigliabile un buon riciclo d'aria rischio muffa elevato per quantità di resina molto elevata,profumo pompelmo molto piacevole,si consiglia il taglio a scalare,ciao a tutti

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