Sweet Seeds Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Sweet Seeds is a cannabis seed bank that started offering just feminised strains. Although that decision was regarded as a risky and innovative bet for the standards of the time, the success was such that the idea of continuing with the selection and creation of high-quality cannabis strains was immediately embraced.  See more >

This unique collection of genetics has seduced experts and beginner alike. Virtually nobody can help feeling attracted by the sweet aroma of these feminised seeds that, in addition, can easily be grown both indoors and outdoors. Sweet Seeds feminized cannabis seeds are noted for their amazing potency as well as for their high percentage of germination, not to mention, their hard-to-beat high/quality ratio. Among the seeds available in the catalogue created by Sweet Seeds we have: the sweet and prestigious Cream Caramel, the powerful Green Poison or the world-renowned S.A.D., among many others. Whatever your choice, you cannot go wrong.

Every single marijuana seed commercialized by Sweet Seeds undergoes really strict quality control tests and only those that meet the highest standards can be launched into the market. Besides, they are all stored in perfect temperature and humidity conditions so that they are perfectly preserved and optimal results can be obtained.

The “Fast Version” line of Sweet Seeds is also a really innovative option worth a try, particularly, for commercial breeders who want to obtain abundant crops in shorter periods of time, but do not feel like using autoflowering strains.