Sweet Seeds Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

For more than 10 years, the Sweet Seeds team has focused on offering a wide range of world-renowned marijuana strains with an outstanding quality. Unlike many seed banks, Sweet Seeds has managed to create an autoflowering version for every strain of its catalogue, which allows its followers to enjoy their favourite cannabis without having to wait that long. Furthermore, we will also find some exclusively auto genetics in their collection. See more >

Sweet Seeds autoflowering cannabis seeds are strongly aromatic, really easy to grow and with fast flowering properties. They are thus strains that help save both money and time. All positive reviews received by these genetics provide the strongest guarantee when it comes to their quality and their performance.

Among the most appreciated and awarded marijuana strains included in Sweet Seeds’ vast collection of autoflowering cannabis seeds, we have Big Devil, larger than her predecessor, Fast Bud #2, with an incredibly quick flowering or Black Jack Auto, ideal for medical use given her high CBD levels.

In any case, this collection is totally worth a try because it contains exquisite quality-oozing seeds with a high rate of germination. Cannabis lovers as well as Sweet Seeds’ supporters are sure to adore them.