Quick cannabis seeds by Humboldt Seed Organization

Humboldt SeedsQuick or Fast Flowering cannabis seeds have the ability to flower in record time. They are feminised strains that have the autoflowering gene, but are in fact photo-dependent plants with a very quick flowering period, which is 1 to 2 weeks shorter than usual. See more >

Humboldt Seeds’ Quick cannabis seeds keep all the qualities of their standard versions but are faster: their flowering time usually lasts between 44 and 50 days.

The Humboldt Seeds team are keeping at the forefront through their ongoing research, and have given a twist to their genetics to offer us a catalogue of Quick strains that condense the unmistakable style of the greatest Californian genetics.

Fast Flowering seeds, also known as Quick or Fast seeds, are the strains most sought-after by lovers of the Humboldt genetics, eager to obtain their precious crops as soon as possible, as well as by those who need to grow in cold areas, or by growers who simply wish to start quicker indoor grows.

Check out the most emblematic Humboldt seeds in their Fast Flowering version!