Humboldt Seed Organization Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Humboldt Seed Organization autoflowering cannabis seeds give us the chance to enjoy the automatic version of the legendary and prestigious Californian marijuana. The origins of this marvellous product date back to the '60s and are located in the Emerald Triangle region, a world-renowned area for offering ideal surroundings for an optimal cultivation. See more >

Humboldt Seed Organization has strived to offer the opportunity for any person living in regions with harsh climates to get the most out of these excellent American genetics.

In order to give birth to this collection of autoflowering cannabis strains, Humboldt Seed Organization has tried to work with its own genetics with the aim of obtaining a consistent product that would offer not only the traits and quality of the original product but also the advantages and benefits that automatic strains provide.

Humboldt Seed Organization features a collection of autoflowering seeds that lives up to the quality and reliability for which this bank is highly regarded. Among the various strains they put at our disposal, we have: OG Kush Auto , Sour Diesel Auto, UK Cheese Auto or Bubba Kush Auto.

If you are in search of a fast-flowering and easy-to-grow strain that offers old-school flavours and effects, do not hesitate anymore and visit the section of Humboldt Seed Organization autoflowering seeds. The final product is a typical American marijuana plant that will make you travel and experience a wide variety of different sensations at once.