Dutch Passion Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Dutch Passion was the creator of feminized cannabis seeds and the first bank seed to put them into the market. From that moment onwards, in the '90s, they set out on an adventure that was a turning point for the cannabis sector. Being able to grow strains that are sure to turn into female plants saves both time and money, which, in short, makes the cultivation process far easier. See more >

Since the time they were first marketed, the need for this kind of marijuana seeds has continued to grow and, consequently, Dutch Passion has also continued developing new feminised genetics that little by little become part of its collection.

Some of the most famous and appreciated Dutch Passion feminized cannabis seeds that can be found in its collection are: Blueberry, California Orange, Mazar, Durban Poison, Hollands Hope, Frisian Dew or CBD Skunk Haze.

Dutch Passion’s contribution to the development of feminised seeds has been fundamental and we have a lot to be thankful for. They were the pioneers that paved the way for the rest of the world because, after them, many breeders began to gain interest in this marvellous field.

No wonder all cannabis lovers want to include Dutch Passion feminized seeds in their collections. You will not regret giving them a chance.