Dutch Passion Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Dutch Passion is a cannabis seed bank that has never strayed far from its philosophy where continuous improvement and innovation are prevalent. That is why there has been no hesitation in jumping on the bandwagon of autoflowering strains. For doing so, this bank has always strived to work with the best genetics as well as to use the most updated techniques. See more >

The collection of Dutch Passion autoflowering cannabis seeds is the reflection of the marvellous results obtained, and it proposes a wide range of strains where to choose from. Amongst the most renowned and appreciated genetics in this collection, we have: Auto White Widow, Auto Blueberry, Auto Durban Poison or Auto Mazar.

In response to the market's need for autoflowering seeds, Dutch Passion has worked hard to create and develop a high-quality alternative for those breeders who either live in regions with harsh climates or do not have enough room available or need to obtain good results in a short time.

The extraordinary autoflowering marijuana genetics included in Dutch Passion’s catalogue have been treasured for many years. Consequently, they not only offer the numerous advantages that all autos do but they are also particularly rich and complex.

Do not miss the section of autoflowering cannabis strains by Dutch Passion because you are sure to fall in love with these interesting seeds.