White Widow Auto CBD Dinafem

White Widow Auto CBD: a legendary ‘90s strain, now in CBD format

  • It was written in the stars that we would end up creating a CBD-rich version of one of the most highly-regarded cannabis jewels in our catalogue: White Widow. And once you give in, it's better to make it big. That's why this high-CBD version is also autoflowering, with all the original traits of her mother (size, yield, flavour, aroma...) amazingly preserved.
  • Her effect, though, is now far more pleasant and bearable and she is also easier to grow.
White Widow Auto CBD Dinafem

However, if there's something that stands out most in comparison with the other auto strains deriving from the iconic White Widow line, is her ability to produce dense buds overflowing with resin as well as her incredibly high cannabinoid content. A fruity, sweet-and-sour taste with spicy touches is also one of her distinctive features. Well, so the CBD-rich autoflowering version keeps all those features intact, except for her high THC levels, meaning everyone can enjoy this amazing legendary strain without worries.

Besides, given her autoflowering genes, she can be grown with discretion in balconies or terraces because her small size and compact structure allow us to do so. For all the aforementioned reasons, White Widow Auto CBD is also a marvellous choice for indoor growing when there's not much space available.

The perfect companion for small spaces and discreet valconies

White Widow Auto CBD is compact in size and in structure, very similar to the feminised White Widow. As her sisters, White Widow Auto CBD produces incredibly dense and thick buds covered in resin. White Widow Auto CBD is particularly appropriate for growing indoors because, thanks to her small size and compact structure, she allows growers to make the most of the space available. That said, she is also suitable for those who wish to grow discreetly outdoors. Like any good autoflowering, she is an incredibly easy-to-grow plant that thrives in dry, sunny and warm climates.

As is to be expected from a White Widow, she showcases a delicious sweet-and-sour taste with floral notes and some touches of citrus. Noted for her incredibly high THC levels and so for her potent effect, the original White Widow has little to do with our new version. In fact, White Widow Auto CBD is perfect for people looking for a gentler strain to consume in their daily life; perfect to relax deeply after a hard day at work.

Data sheet of White Widow Auto CBD

  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Sex: feminised autoflowering
  • Genotype: 20% Sativa / 30% Indica / 50% Ruderalis (Auto)
  • Cross: Critical + 2.0 Auto x Auto CBD
  • Comprehensive life cycle: 70 days
  • Outdoor harvest: from April to October
  • Indoor yield: 450-500 g/m2
  • Outdoor yield: 60 - 170 g/ plant
  • Outdoor height: 60 - 150 cm
  • THC: 5%
  • CBD: 10%
  • Ratio: 1:2

White Widow Autoflowering CBD

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