Dinafem’s top 10 best Indica strains

  • Like in all walks of life, everyone has their own preferences when it comes to food, clothes, work, travelling and relaxing.
  • And the same applies to marijuana. Some people use it to foster their creativity, others enjoy the euphoric high of Sativa-dominant strains while others prefer the exact opposite effect — i.e. a deep feeling of relaxation that helps them unwind after a hard day.
  • In this post we will focus on this last aspect, presenting you with a selection of the ten best Indica strains in our catalogue.

Indica cannabis seeds produce compact plants, they're fast-flowering and they produce a physical, relaxing and potent effect. This is why they're recommended for fighting insomnia. Find on this post some or Dinafem Seeds best indica genetics

Remo Chemo

The members of our team welcomed Remo Chemo, an Indica hybrid packed with benefits, as an absolute revelation. This cannabis masterpiece is the result of the work carried out by Remo Urban Grower, who crossed two elite genetics together: UBC Chemo, developed by a research team from the University of British Columbia and a vigorous Bubba Kush male.

The result is simply amazing. She is incredibly attractive visually, with lots of branching laden with beautiful, round-shaped buds brimming with resin. And to top it off, a canopy that takes on lovely hues of purple that give her an exotic feel.

But it is during tasting when she really gives her all. Her intense Kushy aroma is as intricate as that of the best Californian strains of her kind, and is reflected in the flavour with some more intense notes of earth, oil and black pepper.

She is simply mouth-watering and her sedative, potent effect (24% THC) is perfect for unwinding and for relieving the uncomfortable side effects of certain therapies (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc.).

Purple Afghan Kush

Purple Afghan Kush exhibits the same Kushy organoleptic profile as Remo Chemo - they share a father, Bubba Kush - but complemented with a fruity touch that makes the difference. The structure is rather different too, as Purple Afghan Kush is more restrained, hardier and stockier.

A most unusual feature of this cannabis strain is her mystic yet amazing dark colour. But best of all is her mesmerising fruity aroma with hints of fresh pineapple, which are also present in her Kushy flavour. The effect is very physical and long-lasting, perfect for relaxing and getting some rest. Definitely, a must have for Indica lovers.

White Widow

This 90's classic is always a safe bet and thanks to her many qualities hasn't lost a jot of her popularity. Her resin production is just amazing, and comes along with a bittersweet organoleptic profile that combines hints of lemon with notes of flowers unique to White Widow.

Besides her high yields, she stands out for her potent Indica-style effect, highly coveted for its relaxing and its therapeutic properties - she is indicated to relieve muscle pain, insomnia, depression, etc. Definitely, White Widow keeps ruling the realms of Indicas.

Shark Attack

A direct descendant of the prestigious Super Skunk and White Widow, Shark Attack is yet another classic from our catalogue, another safe bet that leaves no room for second thoughts.

The result is simply amazing, a stocky, sturdy, adaptable plant that produces great amounts of compact buds whose flavour and aroma reminds of 90's Dutch cannabis.

Equally enjoyable are her relaxing properties, which promote deep relaxation and take you on a restoring journey through time.

OG Kush

Made in the USA, this queen of cannabis was an obvious candidate for our top 10, and as such, she deserved a prominent position in the list.

Her wide leaves are a clear sign of her Indica parentage and her easy growing nature makes her suitable for all growers. Her Kushy organoleptic profile doesn't disappoint either, smoothly combining lemon and tropical fruit with hints of oil.

These traits, exclusive to OG Kush, are complemented by a potent body effect in true Indica style fit only for thrill seekers. Share for a while the sensations experienced by 'Original Gangsters'!


 Critical +

Critical + has been a reference in the field of Indicas since 2005 and has left a mark in the Cannabis world for reasons like her atypical appearance - she looks like a Sativa but her other features are clearly Indica.

With a delicious lemony organoleptic profile unique to her alone and an astonishing flowering time, she has established herself as one of the highest yielding cannabis strains. Definitely podium-worthy! In fact, if this little champ has won several cannabis cups, there must be a reason for it, and one of them is definitely the effect. Astonishingly potent, it will keep you fully relaxed for a good while. Bon voyage!

Bubba Kush

Our team was pleasantly surprised by Bubba Kush, which proved to be an impressive Kush strain. There is great potential beneath her appearance of short, stocky bush, producing lots of compact, ball-shaped flowers totally covered in sweet resin and surrounded by incredibly wide leaves so typically Indica.

This lovely Dinagirl provides good yields, but what will really win you over is her sweet, intense Kush aroma. But don't start salivating quite yet, the best is yet to come!

As soon as you taste her, she will set your palate on fire with her intricate notes of citrus, oil, earth and coffee. A mouth-watering flavour with a long aftertaste that will leave you craving for more. An absolute delicacy!

The effect lives up to the hype too, setting the mood for a deeply relaxing experience. Definitely the 'caviar' of Indicas.

Critical + 2.0

Critical + 2.0 remains true to her predecessor in many ways, all while having a personality of her own. The amazing yields and the fast flowering period of her cousin are still the main highlights, while the organoleptic profile - similar in essence - has been enhanced with hints of pine and spices.

If you are looking for an exotic version of Critical +, then this is your strain. Critical + 2.0 will allow you to enjoy a classic in a new light without renouncing to its potent effect or to its relaxing properties. Get ready to embark on a long spiritual journey on the back on a soft, tiny cloud.

White Siberian

White Siberian came on board as one of the first seeds in our catalogue and her place in this top 10 is definitely well deserved - she comes from a winning combination of White Widow and AK 47. She produces abundant crops of dens buds and is one of our fastest and most potent strains.

Her organoleptic profile is zesty and earthy, and incorporates hints of fresh fruit making for an amazing cannabis cocktail. The effect is potent and couch-locking, taking you on a long, relaxing mental journey that will eventually put you to sleep. An old-school classic!

California Hash Plant

California Hash Plant has been with us since the very beginning too, and her many properties are still in vogue. As her name suggests, her high resin production makes her an excellent choice for extractions of all kinds.

This is complemented by an extremely fast flowering period, an easy growing nature and a yield worthy of its name. Another highlight is the great resistance to humidity provided by Northern Lights, a major weakness of most Indicas.

The organoleptic profile is every bit as amazing, a combination of earthy notes and hints of fine Afghan hash in true old-school Indica style. Effects are highly corporal, providing a pleasant feeling of relaxation.


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