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History of Critical +, a dip into the family tree of this yielding queen

  • Only few seeds make it into the cannabis’ hall of fame, but Critical + has certainly earned her place.
  • Born on the American West Coast, this strain has become one of the most beloved strains thanks to her incredible yields, her easy growing profile, her unique aroma and her potent effect, both relaxing and useful to combat certain health problems.
  • A classic in all respects that withstands as the years pass by.
critical principal 2

Given the multiple distinctions and prizes she accumulates, it's nearly impossible to resist the temptation of Dinafem's Critical +. This Indica-dominant feminized strain has won a place among the genetics most admired by growers and consumers over time.

She emerges from the cross between a Big Bud and an exquisite selection of Skunks. In the promised land of cannabis, the American West Coast, back in the '70s, growers tried to improve some existing strains' genetics, such as Skunk#1, Original Haze or Silver Pearl, in order to get better seeds. Among these different genetic lines arose one known as Big Bud due, of course, to her big buds. The origin of this high yield strain was probably a sturdy, high-yielding pure Afghan crossed with some kind of Skunk.

These genetics continued to evolve when many growers emigrated to the Netherlands because of the high pressure exerted by the US administration. The strain became very popular in Holland from the very beginning, especially among commercial growers, for whom yields are obviously a key feature. In the '90s, the seed bank Mr. Nice Seeds, directed by well-known breeder Shantibaba, launched Critical Mass, a revised Big Bud version. After exhaustive selection work, Dinafem's team of breeders later launched its own Critical +, a real cannabis gem, resistant, super high-yielding, fast flowering and with high THC-levels, who quickly became one of our seed bank's most demanded strains.

Looks like a Sativa, could be an Indica

Looks can be deceiving sometimes. Both her sharp and narrow leaves and her thin stems with abundant branches and long intermodal distance could make you believe you're facing a Sativa strain like any other. However, her quick flowering and the size of her buds, one of the main virtues of this seed by Dinafem, finally reveal her genetics are actually Indica-dominant. In short, this plant grows like a Sativa but flowers at the speed of the quickest Indica.

Record flowering

Critical + takes about 45-50 days to flower when grown indoors, though some growers swear by leaving her some days more, till 55, so she can get even thicker and reach extreme resin yields, which obviously causes a stronger effect. Outdoors, meanwhile, keep in mind that her quickness can be key to obtaining great harvests of about 1,300 g/plant, allowing you to gather her fruits in September and not in October as it's usual in the northern hemisphere.

You see, it hardly matters whether you go for an indoor or an outdoor crop: Critical + will behave like a real champion anywhere. And she's not just easy to grow, but also thankful in all contexts. However, you should follow certain guidelines in order to avoid unnecessary setbacks and make the most of her.

One of the indoor premises is to hold off humidity, especially during the flowering stage, and to always keep the crop clean. Good hygienic conditions and ventilation will stop fungi from attacking her compact, resinous buds. If you have the possibility to grow this strain outdoors, you shouldn't forget it thrives better in Mediterranean or temperate climates than in greenhouses, where there's some risk of mould.

In this case you should also try to leave as much space between the plants as possible so there's more ventilation and they can spread their roots. Another key measure to make everything work out perfectly is preventive treatment with some biological products: It will help you get rid of caterpillars, snails and other uninvited guests threatening to finish off your crops.

Advice: Staking helps a lot

As she's a very quick strain, capable of producing a large amount of heavy buds, but also with a structure of fine branches growing in all directions, you might be confronted to some problems you'd better know how to deal with. One of the recommendations while dealing with Critical + is to stake her so the plant's structure is maintained but the branches don't end up breaking because of the buds' weight. She's therefore also a strain that reacts perfectly to training like SOG or SCROG.

Powerful aroma, her mightiest weapon

Without a doubt, her unique and very powerful aroma is one of the main reasons this strain has managed to conquer the world for. The very instance you walk into a room, you'll know if there's some Critical + plant in there, as her scents takes over any place, which is why you'll have to use activated charcoal filters indoors. Moreover, what is really curious about her aroma is the fact that it'll be reproduced in your palate in the very same way: Critical + is one of these plants that taste just as they smell, offering you fruity nuances with lemon notes like a sweet, delicious candy that will last a long time.

The same applies to her effect: Blessed with an outstanding potency, – her THC level ranges between 12% and 16% – she'll offer you a sweet, pleasant sense of relaxation lasting for several hours. But that is not all: you can also use the fruits of this Dinafem strain for therapeutic purposes, to appease anxiety or stress within your rough everyday life. Together with her unique aroma and taste, this effect exerts an immediate attraction that explains why Critical + is one of the most sought-after strains in our catalogue.


  • Suitable for: Indoors and outdoors
  • Sex: Feminized
  • Genotype: Indica-dominant
  • Cross: Big Bud x selection of Skunks
  • Indoor flowering period: 45-50 days
  • Outdoor harvest time: Early October
  • Indoor yield: 625 g/m2
  • Outdoor yield: 1300 g/plant
  • Outdoor height: Ca. 2,5 metres
  • THC: High (12-16%)
  • CBD: medium

Critical +

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